Dr Dominic O' Sullivan


Dr Dominic O’ Sullivan is a Lecturer in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering at UCC.  He graduated with a BE (Civil) (1998), MEngSc (2000) and a PhD (2004) from University College Cork and has also studied at the University of California.  Dominic returned to the Civil & Environmental Engineering Dept. at UCC in 2008. 

Dominic formerly led an energy consultancy business and has supported a number of multinationals across Ireland, Europe and the US in reducing energy consumption. He has maintained industry links since returning to academia working with a number of industries in his I2E2 (Innovation for Ireland’s Energy Efficiency) research projects, such as Intel, De Puy, Xerox, Analog and Hewlett Packard. Dominic has received funding for a new project within I2E2 following successful implementation of an initial scoping study. The new work focuses on developing a rule based Fault Detection and Diagnostics (FDD) Tool for HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) Systems. A more recently (Dec 2011) funded project, Energy-Monitoring Wireless Networked System (EMWiNS), is also considering FDD but using model based techniques. This too is industry led research funded by the IERC (International Energy Research Centre) which includes Bell Labs and UTRC (United Technology Research Centre) amongst its member companies.

Areas of research interest include energy efficiency and demand side management in industry and buildings. More specifically Dominic’s research considers using IT to support this increasingly important area of Engineering. It incorporates Building Energy Performance Simulation, Advanced HVAC Systems, Energy Management Systems and Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems for Industry and Buildings.

Dominic continues to work with National and International Energy Agencies and is a representative on Ireland's Energy Standards Consultative Committee.



Dr Dominic O' Sullivan

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