The development of Decision Support Systems (DSS) to facilitate energy performance improvement in large industry

The transition by industry to cleaner and smarter production is a crucial step in addressing the global challenge posed by climate change; the uptake of renewable sources of energy is key to this transition. In responding to this imperative, different industrial sectors has been implementing renewable energy projects for the last number of years. With more disparate generation, comes a need to effectively manage the integration of these systems. This has not always happened effectively when multiple systems are utilised on the same site, resulting in some renewable energy systems being sub optimally utilised due to a perception that they are not efficient when in fact it is their operation which has not been implemented efficiently to maximise their performance. This project, led by Dr Ken Bruton in partnership with DePuy Synthes, aims to integrate hybrid renewable energy supply (wind, chp, biomass etc) storage and efficiency with advanced and modular manufacturing. It will also deliver near real time analysis of linkages between process output and multi-source energy input enabling more effective decision making surrounding (global) asset operations.

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