Raising general awareness of dementia among all hospital staff is an important aspect of improving the hospital experience for a person with dementia.

The educational initiative consists of three main strands:       

1) Raising dementia awareness

A 45 minute programme to raise awareness about dementia among general hospital staff,  providing simple tips about communicating with a person with dementia or possible dementia.

2) Enhanced staff training

A four hour programme, “Enhancing Well-Being For The Person With Dementia in The Acute Hospital: An Introduction” (based on a National Training Programme) is also available for nurses and health care assistants who care for people with dementia on a regular basis.

3) Dementia Champions

A more intensive dementia training programme, delivered in the Mercy hospital in collaboration with Dublin City University, prepares staff to become “dementia champions”. Dementia Champions have a special interest in dementia, and can help other staff when they are unsure how to care for a person with dementia.