SoilH group visits site of Kerry bogslide

26 Aug 2008
Soil Hydrology Site Kerry

On August 26th 2008 The SoilH research group of UCC's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering visited the site of the recent severe bogslide near Lyrecrompane, Tralee, Co. Kerry.

which has cut off road access to local households, killed fish stocks in the Smearlagh and Feale rivers and rendered water supplies undrinkable.

SoilH aims to complete the first comprehensive national field study of soil hydrological properties in Ireland and to quantify the effects of the five major threats to soils: erosion, loss of organic matter, compaction, surface sealing and landslides.

Interactions of soil hydrology, land use and climate change and their impact on soil quality (SoilH)—a joint project of UCC and NUIG—is funded by the Environmental Protection Agency under the STRIVE research programme.

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