Sentence Comprehension

The Accent Task


Sentence Comprehension Task (The Accent Task)



The sentence comprehension task (aka The Accent Task) looks at a child’s ability to understand and follow spoken instructions. This task will consist of 69 instructions, presented in three blocks of 23, each block spoken in one of the three accents (changed from four accents, as mentioned in the video clip). The instructions will be pre-recorded and will be played via speakers attached to a computer.  The children will be asked to point to shapes of different sizes, shapes and colours, for example, touch the big yellow square


Before the task begins, each child will hear a pre-recorded excerpt from a story (1 minute long) by the speaker who will be giving the instructions for that block.  This is to allow the child to familiarise themselves with each accent.

At the end of the task, the children will listen to a short extract from the story, read in each accent and will then be asked to rate how easy or difficult it was to understand, using a child-friendly scale.



Image of the child-friendly rating scale used at the end of the Sentence comprehension task, asking children to rate their understanding of different accents.

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