UMT's Guidelines for Remote Working

A number of measures have been approved by the University Management Team for dissemination within the university. These cover:

Meeting Timings 

  • Reiterating core hours under Athena Swan for meetings (10am-4pm), while appreciating that this may create challenges currently for colleagues working from home - hence the need for local discussions to support these colleagues at the present time.
  • Making arrangements locally for identified “meeting-free afternoons/mornings” to give the opportunity for planning and preparation work.

Meeting Duration

  • 45 minutes rather than a standard hour, with the opportunity for 15 minute breaks prior to the next meeting.
  • Focus and encourage a more decision-focused culture in meetings.

Meeting Agenda

  • The incorporation of a discussion in team meetings around “staff wellbeing” - what is working well locally and what tweaks or improvements can we make to support our wellbeing.

Email Protocol

  • Introduce email protocol - for colleagues who wish to catch up on email out of hours – it is recommended that they leave the emails in draft to send the following day or employ the “work offline” / delay delivery function.

Staff Wellbeing & Development

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