Virtual Meditation Room

What is this?

A Virtual Meditation Room is a place where you can access mindfulness and meditation online from anywhere. We've created this space specifically for staff members at UCC in order to make mindfulness practice easily accessible for when you're on a break at work. Here, you will find information on mindfulness and meditation, plus resources for your practice (including suggested music playlists, mobile phone apps, and more).


What is mindfulness? Why is it used? Are the benefits scientifically proven and sound? Here, you can explore the topic of mindfulness with a collection of videos from TED.

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Our Suggestions


For Work Stress and Anxiety Relief, try this 15-minute virtual mind vacation.

Visit Headspace for free guided meditation and information on the practice.

Try finding a calming music playlist that you like; many are freely available on YouTube.



Audio for Mindfulness and Meditation

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