Physical Activity

There are many opportunities to become more physically active at UCC. Daily exercise can be challenging, especially if the job you have at UCC is mostly sedentary. This is why we encourage a more active lifestyle on campus through the following resources available to staff at UCC.

Is sitting the new smoking? Animated explanation is available for information about this interesting talking point.

UCC Staff Wellbeing & Development’s Tips for Physical Activity at Work:

  1. Take the stairs on your way to the office, whether it’s in the morning, at lunch, or on a break.
  2. Try a Walk & Talk meeting with another staff member; instead of meeting over coffee, try taking a 15-minute walk outside to discuss your business.
  3. Take advantage of the organised physical activities for staff on campus, such as events hosted by the UCC Staff Athletics Club or charity events that happen throughout the year. You can find these on Facebook, in the All-Staff emails, or on the Be Well calendar from UCC Health Matters.

The Mardyke Arena: visit their website or view membership discounts available to UCC Staff

A Guide to Active Travel in UCC: online booklet available here for more information on actively travelling to work.

UCC Staff Sports and Social Club: for information on what is actively happening within this organisation, visit their page here - be sure to view the upcoming club events!

  • Join other UCC staff members for regular walks, runs, competitions, and more!
  • Contact:
  • UCC Staff Athletics Club: contact Ger Mannix

UCC Employee Bicycle Scheme: UCC has a plan to make it easier for employees to cycle to work. If you're interested, bicycle scheme information is available here.


Is Sitting the New Smoking?

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