Health & Wellness in UCC Digital Badge

Health & Wellness in UCC Digital Badge

The Health & Wellness in UCC Digital Badge is a programme of generally half-day sessions facilitated by internal and external facilitators. These workshops are designed to provide staff with the tools and techniques to create a holistic approach to wellness in the workplace. This will focus on self-care, care for colleagues and on creating and prioritising an embedded wellbeing culture across the University. The sessions are intended to provide support for staff through the sharing of information and guidance and the opportunity for skills and knowledge development in the area of health and wellbeing. The programme also provides staff with opportunities to network with colleagues across the university. 

The programme outline of workshops can be found here: UCC Health & Wellness Digital Badge

Workshops currently available for booking can be found below. Head to My Training at to book your place.

Working Mindfully

Date: Monday 04 Nov 2019

Venue: North Wing Conference Room, Main Quad

Duration: 13:30 - 16:30

Presenter: Jerry Kelly, First HRD


This session will address the use of Mindfulness in the workplace and how it can be of benefit throughout the office. 

Key topics will include: 

    • Mindfulness, what it is and how it can be of practical benefit
    • How to bring awareness and attention to what is happening here and now
    • Why unconscious habitual behaviour delivers the same results over and over
    • Change means letting go and stepping outside the comfort zone
    • How to develop a mindful approach to dealing with unwanted pressure and stress
    • How mindful awareness and curiosity can help when it comes to your unconscious bias
    • How mindful awareness helps in communication and establishing connection
    • Pay attention with intention to achieve successful outcomes in work related tasks
    • Practice mindfulness – tools/exercises to integrate into everyday life at work and home

Managing Stress in the Workplace

Date: Friday 22 Nov 2019

Venue: North Wing Conference Room, Main Quad

Duration: 09:30 - 12:30

Presenter: Claire Dunne, Student Counselling & Development


This practical ½ day workshop provides a general overview of workplace stress as well as facilitating workshop participants to reflect on their own personal stressors and ways of approaching these situations that might help now or into the future.

Learning outcomes:

    • Understanding stress and what are the main causes of stress in the workplace
    • Become able to identify stress
    • Know how to relieve stress and how to create an action plan for stressful situations in work
    • Learn about building resilience/wellbeing in the workplace & self care

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