UCC Heroes: Virginia Conrick, Boole Library

Virginia Conrick has been nominated by colleagues in the School of Law. Below, they outline why Virginia is so deserving of this acknowledgement.

“As Liaison Librarian for Law, Virginia Conrick, with the collaboration of her colleagues, has done a tremendous job in securing access for our students to key textbooks and other scholarly publications during the final weeks of term, and right the way through the exam period. We have received emails from several students who were so grateful for these efforts and acutely conscious of how much more challenging their studies would have been, had the library staff not taken such great initiative to open the doors of learning for them.”

How to nominate a UCC Hero/UCC Heroes:

Nominations can be made by any person with respect to an individual or team worthy of celebration as a UCC Hero or Heroes.

Submissions are to be emailed to traininganddevelopment@ucc.ie detailing:

1. 100 words explaining the contribution of the person/team during COVID-19

2. high-resolution photograph of the person/team

3. Contact details of the nominating staff member

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