Professor Jerry Murphy, Dr Paul Bolger and Dr Jeremy Gault

In this new initiative, we honour those UCC Heroes who have made an exceptional, if hidden contribution to the university community, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Next up, are Professor Jerry Murphy, Dr Paul Bolger and Dr Jeremy Gault.

Our latest UCC Heroes were nominated by Anita Maguire, VPRI and Sarah Culloty, Head of College of SEFS. Here, they tell us why they nominated Professor Murphy, Dr Bolger and Dr Gault.

“Working together, and in liaison with B&E and the Research Business Continuity Team, they developed an approach to safely reopen the ERI and LIR facilities in the context of social distancing and managing safe occupancy of research laboratories and facilities post-COVID.

Their work formed the basis not only for the plans to safely reopen the ERI and LIR, but was, in addition, used extensively by researchers in other areas as a basis for planning reopening of research facilities across the university campus.

Their commitment to our research mission was evident from the level of work undertaken over a short period of time, to the preparation and level of detail of the planning that ensured that UCC could recommence research and develop a roadmap of how this could be extended throughout the university.”

Well done!

How to nominate a UCC Hero/UCC Heroes:

Nominations can be made by any person with respect to an individual or team worthy of celebration as a UCC Hero or Heroes.

Submissions are to be emailed to detailing:

1. 100 words explaining the contribution of the person/team during COVID-19

2. A high-resolution photograph of the person/team

3. Contact details of the nominating staff member


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