Joe Scanlon, School of Mathematical Sciences

Joe Scanlon, of the School of Mathematical Sciences, has been nominated by Professor Ivan Perry. Below, Professor Perry explains why Joe is so deserving of this acknowledgement.


When we started the contact tracing centre in UCC, we needed IT Support to set up the computers, laptops, screens, etc., required by the contact tracing agents. This was not part of anyone’s ‘UCC role’, but several members of the IT team came forward to help with this vital work. One person spent several weeks, on a completely voluntary basis, making sure that the Contact Tracing Centre in UCC was the best serviced one in the state.

Joe was recognised by Greg Price, our HSE lead, who advised us upon leaving, that no other centre in the country was so well provided with support; and it is thanks to Joe and all of the IT colleagues that so many calls could be made to so many patients, so quickly. Joe deserves all our thanks.”


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