Colette Cunningham, School of Public Health

In this new initiative, we honour those UCC Heroes who have made an exceptional, if hidden contribution to the university community, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Next up, is Colette Cunningham, lecturer at the School of Public Health.

Colette was nominated by Justina Hurley. Here, she tells us why she nominated Colette.

“Colette brought her talent and experience to the COVID-19 effort by becoming Coordinator of the Occupational Health Contact Tracing Hub. 

The Occupational Health COVID-19 Hub is located in the UCC Boole Basement and comprises clinical, information line, COVID testing organisation and contact tracing. It has been designated as a Centre of Excellence for Occupational Health (OH) contact tracing nationally, and the tracing system Colette put in place is going to be used as a template for the development of a national OH digital tracing system, with Colette part of that national team.

Colette's experience in global health initiatives worldwide, such as the Haiti cholera outbreak, was very valuable.

Colette is one of those people who is always prepared to go the distance for others.” 

How to nominate a UCC Hero/UCC Heroes:

Nominations can be made by any person with respect to an individual or team worthy of celebration as a UCC Hero or Heroes.

Submissions are to be emailed to detailing:

1. 100 words explaining the contribution of the person/team during COVID-19

2. A high-resolution photograph of the person/team

3. Contact details of the nominating staff member

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