UCC Heroes: Anna Glavin, Student Records & Examinations Office

In this initiative we honour those UCC Heroes who have made an exceptional, if hidden contribution to the university community during COVID-19.

Anna Glavin has been nominated by Joan Buckley (Chair) and fellow members of the University Mitigation Committee. Below, they share why Anna is so deserving of this acknowledgement.

"We wish to nominate Anna Glavin for her exceptional work throughout the current crisis.

Daily, she has calmed distressed students, ensuring that all were dealt with as quickly as possible, and contributed significantly to our promise of no academic disadvantage. 

The COVID-19 crisis meant that there were extraordinary demands placed on the mitigation system, and at all times Anna made sure that every effort was made to ensure students had quick and sensitive responses, and that colleagues had all the information they needed to get the front-end work done quickly.

In order to ensure that students affected by COVID were supported, she enabled and supported twice-daily meetings for three weeks, working nights and weekends. Such were the severity of circumstances revealed in some applications, that Anna reached out to students informing and encouraging them to avail of the services that the university has to offer. She truly is a UCC Hero."

How to nominate a UCC Hero/UCC Heroes:

Nominations can be made by any person with respect to an individual or team worthy of celebration as a UCC Hero or Heroes.

Submissions are to be emailed to traininganddevelopment@ucc.ie detailing:

1. 100 words explaining the contribution of the person/team during COVID-19

2. high-resolution photograph of the person/team

3. Contact details of the nominating staff member

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