Working Effectively Across Cultures

Facilitator: Marie Therese Shortt, CulturePro

This workshop provides participants with an understanding of different cultural dimensions and communication styles that require attention – and often leads to conflict or miscommunication – when working in culturally diverse organisations/teams. As well as providing fundamental theoretical knowledge, it provides participants with frameworks, exercises and tools for better understanding cultural differences. Topics include social hierarchies, directness, behaviour & etiquette, and gender roles. Through a learner-centred approach, using visual material, group exercises and role play, participants are provided with tools and frameworks to increase their cultural awareness and help them better understand and respond to colleagues of different cultural backgrounds. 

Learning Outcomes

  • Have a basic competency in cultural awareness and cultural differences
  • Have an insight into theories and tools to become culturally competent
  • Understand how to reduce intercultural misunderstanding and improve cross-cultural working relationships
Updated: July '21


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