UCC Success Through Teamwork

Participant Group: Early career colleagues at Executive Assistant and equivalent level

Facilitators: Staff Wellbeing & Development and Various Internal Facilitators 

Workshop Details & Dates to follow shortly

This digital badge will be awarded to candidates who attend all 5 workshops in the programme and as part of a small group, prepare a presentation at the end of the programme detailing their personal learning and the impact of this learning in the context of teamwork in UCC.  In addition, participants will be required to submit a short 400-word reflective statement detailing personal learning and the impact on their work. Reflective statements should be returned to traininganddevelopment@ucc.ie

Programme Overview

The Success Through Teamwork programme consists of 5 workshops (3.5 hours each) facilitated by Staff Wellbeing & Development and Various Internal Facilitators. Teamwork is important and essential in order to accomplish the organisation’s overall objectives and goals and so plays a key role in achieving workplace success. A successful team is one where everyone’s unique skills and strengths help the team achieve a shared goal in the most effective way. Effective teamworking involves a number of skills and behaviours. These include working cooperatively and flexibly, contributing ideas and effort, open communication, respecting others, becoming more aware of potential biases, encouraging inclusivity and diversity. This badge presents the opportunity to provide junior early career staff members within UCC with the opportunity to understand the ingredients of positive teamwork and to develop personal skills in enabling effective team working. It is designed to develop self-understanding and both personal and professional career development.

Below applicable once call takes place:

To apply for a place on the Success Through Teamwork programme, please return your form to traininganddevelopment@ucc.ie by TBC. Applicants should discuss their interest in the programme with their line managers in advance of applying.

Updated: July '21

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