Trans Awareness: The Basics

‘Trans Awareness: The Basics’ is a 105 min entry-level session that introduces the key ideas and information people need to know about trans-related matters. It is delivered online via Zoom.

Participant Group: All Staff

Facilitator: Gendered Intelligence

The session will:

  • Explain what ‘trans’ means and describe the diversity of those who might use the term
  • Introduce key concepts crucial to understanding trans people
  • List the main legislation relating to trans identities
  • Outline ways an organisation can work towards being trans-inclusive
  • Provide links to further resources and help

Feedback quotes from attendees of this training in 2020:

“Really well delivered and interesting session, particularly about the use of language.”

“Excellent and really engaging training. A safe and open environment was created to discuss some very insightful topics. I feel a lot more confident than I did and look forward for opportunities to put this into practice.”

“Clear, inclusive, articulate and compelling.”

“Excellent session. Insightful, well delivered and appropriate for the needs of the group.”

“It was incredibly well presented, pitched at the right level, with lots of small tasks that kept my attention and put my learnings into practice. I felt it was a safe space and the trainers were very knowledgeable, patient and open.”

“Thank you for creating a safe space to ask questions and get a better understanding!”


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