Maximising Performance Under Pressure

Facilitator: Valerie Pirece, Clear Thinking in Action

The aim of this workshop is to help you to achieve strong and sustainable performance both for yourself and your team. In particular we will concentrate on the theory and practice of the following Critical skills that maximise performance under pressure and help to achieve clear thinking in action. 

(1) Think with Passion – not Emotion

One of the most important ways to perform best under pressure is to ensure your thinking is working in tandem with your goals. A critical Thinking tool for this purpose is to be aware of the difference between being Passionate, versus being Emotional about our goals, as both of these states of mind produce different abilities and levels of thinking. 

      (2) Use Cool Logic in Hot Situations  

  • In critical situations, understanding Good Logic from Bad Reasons means taking the first step towards confident decision making and away from collusion – the nightmare of all successful teams.
  • Can you spot thinking errors in you/your colleagues/your clients that may change the dynamic of your influence?  Examples are ‘All or Nothing’ thinking – Blame – personalisation – fortune-telling – mistaking feelings for facts – etc. 
  • This session develops the skills set to spot these thinking errors as they happen so as to overcome ‘staircase wit’, the brilliant ability to know after the meeting what we should have said during the meeting… 

(3) Be Innovative through the Power of Negative Thinking

    • Learning to separate ‘Negative Thinking’ from ‘Negativity’.
    • Apply the DNA Technique to use negative thinking to remove Obstacles & Blockages that hinder successful Action. 


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