Challenging Conversations in Hybrid Working Environment (workshop for managers)

Facilitator: Celine Mullins, Adaptas Training


As changes continue to take place with the ongoing global pandemic, new ways of working and engaging with others are being created. It is imperative that we find a balance, towards a hybrid way of working where people can work in an environment that is most productive and efficient for them, while maintaining the 3 C’s: (Communication, Collaboration and Connection)

This workshop is an opportunity to pause and consider how we communicate, collaborate and connect as we continue through the ongoing adaptation. Practical and interactive, the workshop will provide help us understand what helps and hinders us to get the 3 C’s working well, as well as some simple tips to build the 3 C’s as we move forward and to consider how we are having those crucial conversations.

It will include:

•Examining intentionality and flexibility with colleagues who do not match our expectations in adapting to hybrid working, and how we can address this moving forward
•Understanding the specific biases and natural associations that block us from effectively communicating, collaborating and connecting with others in hybrid working
•Identifying the different types of trust and human needs we need understand to continue to connect, communicate and collaborate in hybrid working more successfully
•Observe some real-life conversations and consider what we can do differently in these situations to achieve preferable outcomes in future interactions

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