Technical Officers Training

While the vast majority of our programmes are open to all categories of staff, each June we schedule a programme of training opportunities targeted at Technical Officers specifically.

& If you are a Technical Officer reading this, please don't think that your training opportunities are limited to the below! You can of course participate in our wider, annual training programme also.

Speaking with Confidence

Date: Cancelled


Target Audience: Technical Officers


Facilitators: Brenda Nestor, UCC Careers Services

Note: This is a two-part programme

Great speakers hold our attention, otherwise we just switch off.  Did you ever wonder if you could become one of the great speakers who hold the attention of their audience? 

Part I - This interactive session will give participants the opportunity to: 

  • Understand that everyone can become a great presenter no matter how much they fear speaking in public, or what level they are at.
  • Realise that nerves are a very normal part of life for many presenters, even those who are very experienced.
  • Work together to identify how presenters engage or disengage an audience.
  • Examine the physical messages we give when we communicate.
  • Effectively work at how they can improve communicating their core message to an audience.

Part II - The key focus in session two is to give participants the opportunity to present in a very supportive environment.  In this session you will put your skills into use by presenting an idea that excites you, delights you and that you would really like to share with your colleagues.   The idea can be from any aspect of your life: home, voluntary, sport, work etc.   


Critical Thinking for Effective Decisions


Participant Group: Technical Officers with responsibility for identifying & solving problems, decision making & influencing others.

Date: Mon 10 June 2019

Duration:  09:15 - 17:00

Venue: North Wing Conference Room, Main Quad

Facilitator:  Valerie Pierce – Clear Thinking In Action


Successful Decision Makers

  • Understand the real issues facing themselves and others
  • Retain clear focus on the task they want to achieve
  • Communicate ideas in a way that makes sense to others 

Decision making involves 3 essential skills:

  • Ability to solve problems
  • Make decisions
  • Influence others to carry out action

This workshop will:

  • Increase your areas of influence
  • Give credence to your decisions
  • Enhance your confidence 

On completion, you will know how to:

  • Understand the difference between making, delivering and implementing a decision
  • Be clear about the outcome you want to achieve
  • Remain ‘Passionate’, not ‘Emotional’
  • Argue clearly & to the point
  • Achieve staff & stakeholder commitment 


  • "Well-paced training; lots of new ideas & approaches. I love the way it encouraged creative solutions to problem solving!" 
  • "The team exercises were excellent & really opened my mind to different perspectives."

Knowing Yourself & How You Work

Date: Weds 12 June 2019

Duration: 10:00 - 13:00

Target Audience: Technical Officers

Location: North Wing Conference Room, Main Quad

Facilitators: Sylvia Curran & Mary Horgan, UCC Staff Wellbeing & Development 

Knowing yourself and how you work 

This three hour workshop facilitated by Staff Wellbeing and Development will introduce participants to MBTI and personality preferences. 

MBTI is a simple yet highly versatile developmental tool. It helps us gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, how we interact with others & them with us & how we approach our work.

What can it be used for?

It has many different applications, including:

  • Improving working relationships
  • Communication
  • Conflict management
  • Managing change
  • Stress management
  • Valuing diversity in working style
  • Considering team & organisational culture 


Attendees will be offered an opportunity following the session to complete the MBTI and have a one to one feedback session.

Staff Wellbeing & Development

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