Online Training Resources

Online Training Resources

In light of the Covid19 situation, LinkedIn Learning - the online training resource from LinkedIn is currently offering a number of its professional development online resources free to professionals.  Just some of the 16 titles include:
  • Time Management-Working from home
  • Managing stress for postive change
  • Building Resilience
  • Productivity Tips: Finding your productive mindset
A contents section is provided for each module.  They can be viewed in full or you can view sections of most interest/relevance to you.
Updated: 20/03/'20

Online Live Training Sessions For Managers & Employees on Remote Working

Update 23 March '20

  • Due to demand, a 3rd online live session for employees on 'Self-care & Wellbeing' has been filled and is scheduled for Monday 6 April @14:00.
  • A number of places remain on the 2 April session for Managers. 

The two new online live workshops on working remotely - one designed specifically for UCC managers and the other for UCC staff are a response to the need for us to now work remotely under unexpected circumstances.  The workshops will be facilitated by Vitae Consulting.

  • Each online interactive live session is approximately 1 hour in duration
  • Interested managers and staff members are invited to register in advance and be available to participate in the live session.  
  • Pre-reading and log on details for Zoom will be sent to attendees in advance.
  • Total time commitment is approximately 3 hours including pre and post work.

WORKSHOP FOR MANAGERS:     Remote working - How to develop and maintain relationships remotely 

Aim: To support managers and heads of function and department who now relate to staff in a new and different ways. It will focus on tools and techniques for communicating and building relationships that will support both the manager and the employee at this time. 
Pre-work: Reading & questionnaire 
Online Live Session:  Topics will include
• Establishing good communication practices when working remotely
• Setting up and implementing a communications strategy
• The role of trust when remote working
• Role of self-awareness and individual differences in remote working
 Post Session:  Tools, checklists, resource signposting & follow up 
Date: Thursday 26th March @ 10:00 [full]
Date: Thursday 2nd April @ 14:00  
WORKSHOP FOR EMPLOYEES - Self-Care & Wellbeing 
Aim: To provide practical tools and methods to staff to support themselves in working remotely.  The workshop will present ideas and information that you can implement in your working day. 
Pre-work: Reading & questionnaire 
Online Live Session:  Topics will include 

• Role of Self-Awareness and individual differences in self-care
• Resilience and building resilience in remote working
• Self-Management and well being
• Remote work and wellbeing research
• Social engagement and well being 

Post Session - tools, checklists, resource signposting & follow up  

Date:  Tuesday 31st March @ 10:00 [full] 
Date:  Tuesday 7th April @ 10:00 [full]


Date:  Monday 6th April @ 14:00 

To sign up, please reply to stating the DATE of your preferred workshop.

Updated: 23/03/'20

Mental Health & Wellness Courses


Coursera is an online learning resource which collaborates with 190+ leading universities & companies worldwide and has over 45+ million learning via their platform.  At one's own pace, one can enhance one's skills with courses, certificates and degrees at afforable rates.  HOWEVER.........

They have just made a selection of their wellness courses completely free during COVID-19.  From de-mystifying mindfulness to understanding the science of happiness, they have developed a central learning resource which offers between now and 31 May 2020 a selection of well-being programmes absolutely free and available to you. 
This is a unique opportunity to to avail of this free resource for a limited period of time.  Your discount will be applied at checkout.  


Creative Problem Solving For Unprecdented Times

Online live sesison - Places limited

This series of 2 x 90 minute webinars will equip staff with innovative problem solving tools to generate innovative solutions to real life challenges they are currently facing e.g. virtual working, virtual management etc.

It will consist of the following elements:

  • Pre-webinar survey: To determine the real life challenges 
  • Webinar 1: Tackle real life participant challenges to generate innovative solutions using the innovative problem solving toolkit
  • Webinar 2: Review real life participant toolkit applications between Webinar 1 and Webinar 2, and tackle further participant challenges using the innovative problem solving toolkit
  • Post-webinar quiz to deepen the learnings
Interested? Sign up via, indicating whether it is for cohort 1 or 2.
Creative Problem Solving - Cohort 1
  • Webinar 1: 15 April @ 10-11.30am
  • Webinar 2: 22 April @ 10-11.30am
Creative Problem Solving - Cohort 2
  • Webinar 1: 22 April @ 2-3.30pm
  • Webinar 2: 29 April @ 2-3.30pm

Updated: 2 April 2020


Change Management For a New World – How To Effectively Manage Unprecedented Change

Online Live Session - Places Limited

This series of 2 x 90 minute webinars will focus on the science and practice of change management.  It will be comprised of the following elements:

  • Pre-webinar survey to determine the changes staff are finding challenging at present
  • Webinar 1: Biology and Psychology Of Change - what happens in our bodies and minds during change? 
  • Webinar 2: Fixed mindset - why we find change challenging & how to cultivate a growth mindset.  It will include top tips for managing unprecedented change & a personal action plan for each staff member to effectively manage the unprecedented change
  • Post-webinar Quiz to deepen the learnings
Interested? Sign up via indicating whether it is for cohort 1 or 2.
Change Management - Cohort 1 
  • Webinar 1: 16 April @ 10-11.30am
  • Webinar 2: 23 April @ 10-11.30am
Change Managment - Cohort 2
  • Webinar 1: 23 April @ 2-3.30pm
  • Webinar 2: 30 April @ 2-3.30pm

Updated: 2 April 2020

Staff Wellbeing & Development

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