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ADKAR in Action

Participant Group: Staff who have completed the Introduction to Change Management workshop or are currently working as project managers.

Date: Semester 1, 2020

Duration: 2 hours

Facilitator: Michelle Nelson, Office of the Deputy President & Registrar

This programme is targeted at staff members who have completed the Introduction to Change Management workshop or are currently working as project managers. Each attendee will be asked to focus on a practical change project (no matter how small!) they are currently implementing and that they are willing to discuss with the group. The workshop will be highly interactive and aims to enable staff to learn from one another’s experience of managing change in UCC. 

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to: 

  • Apply theProsciADKAR® Model to facilitate change within a project they are current managing 
  • Present their change using a ‘Project on a Page’
  • Utilise a stakeholder management framework for bringing others through change 

Participants on this workshop will also be able to avail of a follow-on one-to-one coaching session to help to discuss any potential barriers to change and develop a plan to mitigate resistance with the project. 


An Introduction to Change Management for Line Managers

Participant Group: Line Managers

Duration: 2 hours

Date: Semester 1 2020

Facilitator: Michelle Nelson, Office of the Deputy President and Registrar 

This change management workshop aims to help managers proactively lead colleagues through change and is of particular relevance as we face into an uncertain semester one. In this interactive online session, you will learn how to define and accept your role in change and gain practical frameworks for becoming an effective change leader within UCC. 

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to 

  • Define roles and responsibilities in change projects they are involved in
  • Apply theProsciADKAR® Model of Individual Change to a personal situation 
  • Utilise a framework for communicating change 



Communicating with Impact for Managers and Leaders

Participant Group: All UCC Staff

Facilitator: Reg Friddle, Preferred Future Training 


It is the method and impact of our communication that defines our reputation and value in the minds of others. Honing our communication skill set is one of the most important ways of enhancing our ability to work well. On this practical and enjoyable course, you will leave with the confidence and practical skills to communicate clearly and effectively with managers, staff, students and stakeholders.


This 2.5-hour course will:

  • Integrate the UCC values and competencies
  • Be interactive and practical
  • Be delivered virtually


a) Delegates will be asked to view a short piece of e-learning video content on the Insights Discovery psychometric model

b) Completion of a communication styles questionnaire related to the Insights Discovery psychometric model which they will be asked to bring to the training session

c) MS Forms short online survey to gauge delegate goals, communication strengths and management/ leadership challenges related to communication

Learning outcomes

At the end of this focused, interactive and practical workshop, you will have:

  • A greater understanding of your own preferences and style of leadership and management communication, using the Insights Discovery psychometric model
  • Awareness if how the team communication triangle (goals, roles, productive team norms) can be used to enhance team communication, including communicating virtually
  • Formulated practical ways to enhance the way you communicate both face-to-face and in virtual work environments
  • Devised a communication plan to connect more consciously with those you lead/ manage

Past participant feedback:

  • "Excellent course, excellent trainer, really engaging."
  • "I honestly thoroughly enjoyed the programme & it was very beneficial."
  • All staff would benefit from this course. We need to move out of our comfort zone more often!"


Take 90 minutes... to learn more about Emotional Intelligence

Participant Group: All Staff

Date: Semester 1,2020

Facilitator: Mary Horgan

Learning Outcomes 

By the end of this short course you will be able to: 

  • Define emotional intelligence 
  • Understand why it is worth developing 
  • Reflect on the Growth mindset v the Fixed Mindset 
  • Examine different areas of EQ-i 



Take 60 minutes... to keep teamwork engaged - connecting and communicating (for Team Leaders/Managers)

Participant Group: Team leaders/Managers

Location: Remotely

Date: Semester 1, 2020

Facilitator: Dr Anne Gannon

Learning Outcomes 

By the end of this short course you will be able to: 

  • Consider and reflect upon the ingredients which create team engagement 
  • Examine the tools and mechanisms for creating and encouraging knowledge sharing and collaborative working  


Take 90 minutes.... to know yourself & how you work (MBTI)

Participant Group: All Staff

Date: Semester 1,2020

Facilitator: Mary Horgan

Learning Outcomes 

By the end of this workshop you will be able to: 

  • Consider individual differences & their impact in the workplace 
  • Learn how your personality influences the way in which you work 
  • Explore how to appreciate and leverage on our differences for improved team working 
  • Reflect on strategies for better engagement with team colleagues 

The option to do an online MBTI questionnaire and discuss one to one with a qualified practitioner will be available to all participants on completion of the workshop. 

Staff feedback

Excellent training session which I know will benefit me & my team!

Became more self aware & conscious of others differences & similarities.

Will definitely recommend this workshop to my colleagues.

Got a really good understanding that there is no 'right' or 'wrong' and how different types can be very beneficial for a team/project.


Making Sense Of Change

Participant Group: All Staff

Duration: 2 hours

Date: Semester 1, 2020

Facilitator: Michelle Nelson 

As we face into the uncertainty of Semester One with changes to teaching, learning, research and administration, this workshop aims to help staff across the University to effectively and proactively manage the professionalchanges they are facing. Combining the science and practice of change management, this interactive online session will provide you with an opportunity to understand your own reaction to change and to use some practical tools and techniques to competently navigate through change. 

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to 

  • Demonstrate an understanding of what happens our minds and bodies during change
  • Apply theProsciADKAR® Model of Individual Change to a personal situation 
  • Use some practical change tools to support individual change


Introduction to Project Management

Participant Group: All UCC Staff

(Most suitable for those who have not formally studied PM methods previously, for those who have been managing projects for less than 12 months or aspire to manage projects in the next 12 months) 

Duration: 4 x 60 minutes (Monday to Thursday inclusive) 

Dates: TBC

Facilitator: Dr Jo Fearon

This course is designed to introduce higher education professionals to a structured approach to managing projects using the principles and practical techniques of effective project management. The programme takes place over 4 hours, 10:00-11:00, Monday – Thursday of the same week 

It will provide an introduction to the basic theories of project management and how they can be tailored for projects in higher education settings. It is particularly useful for staff who have recently started managing project or who have no formal training in project management theories. 

Project coaching - Participants who complete the core PM training may avail of one-to-one project coaching with the trainer.


Recruitment & Selection Committee Training

Participant Group: UCC Staff Members appointed to Selection Committees 

Facilitator: UCC Human Resources


This workshop will enable UCC Selection Committe members to:

  • Understand legal & organisational framework surrounding UCC recruitment process
  • Understand and exercise your role & responsibilities as a selection committee member
  • Recognise the impact of implicit bias
  • Develop skills in ensuring a fair and confidential recruitment and selection process and to understand the shared responsibility of the selection committee membership



Time Management

Participant Group: All UCC Staff

Facilitator: UCC Staff Wellbeing & Development


This popular workshop on Time Management will afford you the opportunity to review your own work practices and develop a personal improvement plan for more effective time management.

Participants in this workshop will develop skills to help: 

  • Explore tools and strategies required to effectively manage yourself in order to get things done
  • Examine ways of effectively managing interruptions
  • Develop strategies for effectively managing email communication
  • Develop a personal improvement plan for addressing what you want to accomplish


The Successful Team Leader Programme


Participant Group: Team Leaders in academic, professional and research areas

Duration: 10:00-12:30

Facilitators: UCC HR Managers

Individuals who attend at least 6 workshops in the Successful Team Leader programme within an 18 month period and complete a short reflective statement (600-word limit) describing the learning which they have taken back from these workshops in their approach to work will be awarded The Successful Team Leader Digital Badge. This badge recognises the personal and professional development journey taken by UCC staff in focusing on personal effectiveness skills.

The Successful Team Leader Programme 2020-2021

*Attendance at 6 workshops combined from the two programmes can count toward the attainment of the digital badge.


The Successful Team Leader takes place monthly from September to May.  It comprises of short (2.5 hour) sessions, facilitated by HR Managers & designed to provide specific work-related knowledge, guidance and practical skills enhancement to Team Leaders across UCC.  The workshops cover a wide range of areas designed to support line managers in successful HR management.  Each month a new a new topic is explored. The sessions are interactive and practical in approach.  They are intended to provide support for managers through the sharing of information and guidance, and the opportunity for skills and knowledge development. The programme also provides opportunities to network with colleagues across the university. 


This session was excellent and I would highly recommend it along with the sessions I attended previously.  Please continue to provide these sessions as they are an invaluable resource for those developing in management roles and those in management roles dealing with a new issue for the first time.

I found this programme very beneficial and feel more confident as a manager now to deal with issues as they arise.  It was very useful to be able to speak to the group and the HR presenters for advice and guidance. I would really recommend this course.

I really enjoyed the course and have taken away some excellent strategies that I can put to use immediately.

I found it very informative – an eye-opener!  It has certainly made me look at managing change in a whole new light.

You can book your place via My Training @



Take 60 minutes... to understand conflict and where it comes from

Participant Group: All Staff

Location: Remotely

Date: Semester 1, 2020

Facilitator: Dr Anne Gannon

Learning Outcomes 

By the end of this short course, you will be able to:  

  • Identify the sources of conflict and why conflict arises 
  • Understand the iceberg of conflict and its relevance to conflict situations 
  • Reflect on the relevance of identity and values to understanding conflict 


Take 60 minutes .... to learn how to use DISC to understand your style and others

Participant Group: All Staff

Location: Remotely

Date: Semester 1, 2020

Facilitator: Dr Anne Gannon

Learning Outcomes 

By the end of this short course, you will be able to: 

  • Identify behavioural styles and preferred ways of approaching work
  • Get to know what makes yourself and others "tick," and learn how to get the most from yourself and team colleagues
  • Reflect on how to tailor your own approach when working with others 


Unconscious Bias Awareness

Participant Group: All UCC Staff

Facilitators: Anne Gannon & Mary Horgan, Human Resources 

Currently we offer two types of training: a) a shorter ‘Take 90 minutes…’ introduction to Unconscious Bias, and b) a more comprehensive 2.5 hour workshop.

Unconscious biases play a role in our day to day decision making, even though we are often completely unaware of their influence. Our biases are often informed by our own backgrounds, experiences, & cultural environments. This Unconscious Bias Awareness workshop looks at: 

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • The nature of unconscious bias
  • How it works including affinity, confirmation bias & group think
  • The impact of unconscious bias 
  • Strategies & tips for managing unconscious bias

Feedback from previous participants:

Very interesting and engaging

Excellent Session

Very enjoyable workshop

Very good and thought provoking



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