Latest News - April '20:    Is now perhaps a good time for you to engage with an internal coach?

Read some of the staff experiences who since January '20 have had the benefit of a coach.  

  • "During my sessions, I found my coach to be warm and empathetic.  Her approach is person-centered and solution-focused.  After each session, I had a clear map of actions to take in order to achieve my goals."
  • "Coaching made me think about certain situations that make me feel uncomfortable & which were causing me to hold myself back from progressing. This is something I never looked at myself in the past, and didn't realise the impact of it until he taught me how to deal with my feelings of anxiety. I'm much more confident as a result of my meetings with my Coach”
  • “I found my coach to be a very good listener and she allowed me to speak and didn't interrupt until I finished whatever I was trying to say.  ........ Overall I got a lot of support in many ways, I have got so much stronger and a lot more focused and less anxious and I have so much more peace.”
  • "Thanks for putting me in touch with my coach, she is fantastic and just what I needed at the moment.  Feeling so much better since I spoke to her."
  • "I have been working with my coach over the last few months & she has given me some fantastic tools in overcoming fears, improving confidence, decision making and overall recognizing my capabilities. ...... Most notably she always encouraged me to listen to my heart any time my head tended to get in the way."
  • "Coaching has given me the tools to take ownership again of my life. Life Coaching with my Coach helped me to focus on aspects, that now allow me to live a happier and healthier life."
  • "Coaching changed my outlook on life in so many positive ways and taught me to live in the moment and be grateful for what I have. It taught me that it is ok not to be perfect."

So what not use the opportunity for a coach........ 

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a confidential and impartial one-to-one process which enables self-learning and development.  It is purposeful and outcome focused and one of the most powerful development approaches available. 

What are the benefits?

Coaching can be useful to enhance skills and develop strategies to be more effective and to build resilience.  It can also assist in the creation a reflective space which fosters thinking.  Coaching can be especially effective for those new to the University, those considering career development opportunities and for those transitioning into new roles. 

Coaching can also be effective in enabling an individual to relate to & influence others & improve working relationships. 

What is involved?

Coaching ordinarily involves up to four 75-90 minute meetings during working hours, once every 3-6 weeks, arranged at a mutually convenient time for the coach and coachee.  The meetings are usually completed within 6 months. 

During this current situation, it may be that you wish to enage a coach over a shorter period or for less sessions, depending on requirements.

Internal Coaching:  Meet members of the 2019/2020 UCC Internal Coaching Panel HERE

External Coaching: The Staff Welfare and Development team maintains a panel of approved Executive coaches.  The costs of the coach are paid by the unit in which the coachee is based and line management approval should be in place prior to coaching Staff Welfare & Development.

For further information, please contact Anne Gannon or Mary Horgan, Staff Wellbeing & Development.

Updated: April 2020

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