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ADKAR in Action

Participant Group: Staff who have completed the Introduction to Change Management workshop or are currently working as project managers.

Date: Semester 1, 2020

Duration: 2 hours

Facilitator: Michelle Nelson, Office of the Deputy President & Registrar

This programme is targeted at staff members who have completed the Introduction to Change Management workshop or are currently working as project managers. Each attendee will be asked to focus on a practical change project (no matter how small!) they are currently implementing and that they are willing to discuss with the group. The workshop will be highly interactive and aims to enable staff to learn from one another’s experience of managing change in UCC. 

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to: 

  • Apply theProsciADKAR® Model to facilitate change within a project they are current managing 
  • Present their change using a ‘Project on a Page’
  • Utilise a stakeholder management framework for bringing others through change 

Participants on this workshop will also be able to avail of a follow-on one-to-one coaching session to help to discuss any potential barriers to change and develop a plan to mitigate resistance with the project. 


An Introduction to Change Management for Line Managers

Participant Group: Line Managers

Duration: 2 hours

Date: Semester 1 2020

Facilitator: Michelle Nelson, Office of the Deputy President and Registrar 

This change management workshop aims to help managers proactively lead colleagues through change and is of particular relevance as we face into an uncertain semester one. In this interactive online session, you will learn how to define and accept your role in change and gain practical frameworks for becoming an effective change leader within UCC. 

By the end of this workshop participants will be able to 

  • Define roles and responsibilities in change projects they are involved in
  • Apply theProsciADKAR® Model of Individual Change to a personal situation 
  • Utilise a framework for communicating change 


Confident Decision Making - Enhancing your Critical Thinking Skills

Participant Group: Staff with managerial aspirations & with current decision making responsibilities 

Date: Semester 1, 2020

Duration:  3 hrs with breaks

Venue: Via Zoom

Facilitator:  Valerie Pierce – Clear Thinking In Action


Participants will:

  • Understand the real issues facing themselves and others
  • Be clear about the outcome they want to achieve
  • Achieve stakeholder commitment

In short, they will know how to get their decisions across with integrity, innovation and ensuring full collaboration.

Learning Outcomes 

Upon completion of the course, participants will know how to:

  • Have clear Focus
  • Ask the Right Questions
  • Develop Productive Thinking
  • Change Negative Thinking into Positive Action
  • Communicate ideas in a way that makes sense to others

To gain maximum benefit each participant is asked to bring their own current problems/decisions they can work on throughout the workshop, improving their personal skills by using their everyday workplace documentation.


  • Delivered in one sitting of 3 hours on via zoom.
  • Broken down into sections to make sure that participants get good breaks from the screen
  • No. of different interactive tools as well as polls & whiteboard will be used
  • 15-minute break i.e. 5 minute comfort break & 10 minute coffee break

Updated: Oct. 2020


Critical Thinking for Effective Decisions

Participant Group: UCC Staff with managerial apsirations & with current decision making responsibilities 

Date: Semester 1, 2020

Duration:  TBC

Venue: Remotely

Facilitator:  Valerie PierceClear Thinking In Action


Successful Decision Makers

  • Understand the real issues facing themselves and others
  • Retain clear focus on the task they want to achieve
  • Communicate ideas in a way that makes sense to others

 Decision making involves 3 essential skills:

  • Ability to solve problems
  • Make decisions
  • Influence others to carry out action 

This workshop will:

  • Increase your areas of influence
  • Give credence to your decisions
  • Enhance your confidence 

On completion, you will know how to:

  • Understand the difference between making, delivering and implementing a decision
  • Be clear about the outcome you want to achieve
  • Remain ‘Passionate’, not ‘Emotional’
  • Argue clearly & to the point
  • Achieve staff & stakeholder commitment 


Well-paced training; lots of new ideas & approaches. I love the way it encouraged creative solutions to problem solving!

The team exercises were excellent & really opened my mind to different perspectives.


Unconscious Bias Awareness

Participant Group: All UCC Staff

Facilitators: Anne Gannon & Mary Horgan, Human Resources 

Currently we offer two types of training: a) a shorter ‘Take 90 minutes…’ introduction to Unconscious Bias, and b) a more comprehensive 2.5 hour workshop.

Unconscious biases play a role in our day to day decision making, even though we are often completely unaware of their influence. Our biases are often informed by our own backgrounds, experiences, & cultural environments. This Unconscious Bias Awareness workshop looks at: 

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • The nature of unconscious bias
  • How it works including affinity, confirmation bias & group think
  • The impact of unconscious bias 
  • Strategies & tips for managing unconscious bias

Feedback from previous participants:

Very interesting and engaging

Excellent Session

Very enjoyable workshop

Very good and thought provoking



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