On Arrival

Register with Immigration

If you come to stay in Ireland for more than three months and you are not an EU/EEA/Swiss citizen then you must register your presence in Ireland with An Garda Síochána (the Irish police force). To register in Cork you must go to the Angelsea St. Garda Station, bringing all documentation pertaining to your stay in Ireland (work permit/hosting agreement, contract of employment, passport and other documents establishing your nationality and identity, proof of address, marriage certificate etc). It is necessary to re-register each year, and any changes you wish to make to the length of your stay or status must also be reported to immigration officials.

Following registration you will be issued with an "Immigration Certificate of Registration" (sometimes called a GNIB card), this card includes your name, address, photograph and your residence details. These cards are evidence that a person is legally resident in Ireland. As well as your Registration Certificate you will also receive a stamp in your passport which specifies the duration and the conditions of your permission to remain in Ireland. A Stamp 1 is issued to holders of employment permits/hosting agreements.

Please note there is a charge of €300 to register, and payment can only be made by credit/debit card or bank giro.

Banking Information

As salaries are payable into a bank account nominated by a staff member, new members of staff who have not previously been resident in Ireland will need to open a bank account.  There is a branch of Bank of Ireland on campus located on Level 1 of the Student Centre. There are also branches of various banks within walking distance of campus, including AIB on College Rd.

In order to open a new account, the bank will require confirmation of the staff member’s current permanent address (i.e. Cork address - by way of a utility bill, car/house insurance, tax/social welfare documentation etc.)

If a new staff member does not have this documentation, some banks will also accept a letter from UCC confirming the staff member’s Cork address.  Please contact  the Human Resources Department to obtain this letter, ext 3603 / hrqueries@ucc.ie

However in addition, the staff member should also bring some documentation with them to confirm their permanent address prior to moving to Cork i.e. driver’s licence, bank statement, or current utility bill. The address confirmation is required in addition to photo ID by way of the staff member’s passport, driver’s licence to open the account

The following are the banks in Ireland -


All employees in Ireland have a PPS (Personal Public Service) number for tax purposes. The PPS number is issued by the Department of Social, Community & Family Affairs, Clarke’s Bridge, Cork.  Tel: 021 4270055

This is your unique number for all dealings with the Public Service  (e.g. applying to the tax office for a tax credits certificate, applying to the Department of Social, Community, and Family Affairs for a Social Welfare payment scheme etc.  Before registering with the Income Tax Office, it is necessary to obtain this number.

Before visiting the Department of Social, Community & Family Affairs, you will need the following documentation to bring with you for your first visit:

Irish Citizens -

  • Birth Certificate (long version) AND
  • Photographic ID, such as your passport or driving licence AND
  • Evidence of your address, such as a household bill in your name

    Non-Irish Citizens -

    • Passport or National Identity Card AND
    • Evidence of your address*, such as a household bill in your name

    *Evidence of Address – You will be required to present a recent utility bill (ESB, telephone, gas etc.) showing your address. If resident in a guest house/bed and breakfast, you will be required to present a letter on headed notepaper from the guest house, stating that you are staying there.

    Full information on the PPS system is available HERE

Income Tax

New members of staff, who do not have any previous employment in the State, should register with the Income Tax Office, Revenue House, Assumption Road, Blackpool, Cork.   Tel: 1890 222 425.

Alternatively Form 12A can be faxed to 065 6849202 or emailed to CorkEast@revenue.ie

The Income Tax Office will forward Tax Certificate to Payroll Office, UCC, within a number of weeks. Staff already employed in Ireland prior to commencing employment with UCC should submit their P45 certificate to Payroll Office, UCC as soon as they commence employment.

Failure to obtain a ‘Certificate of Tax Credits and Standard Rate Cut-off Point’ prior to commencing employment will result in you paying emergency tax.

The Cork Office of the Department of Social, Community & Family Affairs and Income Tax Office are both within walking distance of the College campus.

Any enquiries concerning payroll may be forwarded to Ms. Deirdre Dilworth, UCC Payroll Office, ext 2739. 

Further information, forms and information on how your tax is calculated, may be obtained from http://www.revenue.ie  


A Guide to Income Tax for People Coming to Live in Ireland


Please complete and submit a Paypath / Staff Records Form (185kB) to the payroll office as soon as possible. Once you have submitted all personal details (i.e. PPS number, bank details etc.) to the payroll office a staff number will be allocated.  It is essential that you submit all details as soon as possible, otherwise your access to services, or your payment, may be delayed. Pay day for salaried employees is the last working day of each month, pay day for weekly paid employees is each Thursday.

You may contact Ms. Deirdre Dilworth in the Payroll Office ext 2739 to obtain your staff number.

HR Forms

The following forms are compulsory and must be submitted to the Dept of Human Resources as soon as possible.

Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme (54kB)

Paypath / Staff Records Form (185kB)


Staff ID Card

To obtain an ID card please contact HR Reception at ext 3603 / hrqueries@ucc.ie .  An appointment will be made to issue an ID card.

An ID card may only be processed once the UCC staff number is in place and all documentation has been returned to Payroll and the Department of Human Resources.

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