Staff Orientation

Welcome to UCC! These webpages have been designed to provide new staff with an introduction to the University, its structures, procedures and community.  The Staff Orientation Booklet, the UCC Staff Handbook and information on relocating to Cork can all be found on these webpages. This portal is one contribution to the induction process with local orientation provided by schools/departments and a formal orientation programme organised monthly by the Department of Human Resources. Please email for further details.

Local Orientation Checklist


Dates, times & locations for Orientation 2022/23: 

  • Thursday 15th September 2022, 9.30-12.30, North Wing Council Room
  • Thursday 17th November 2022, 9.30-12.30, Dora Allman (Top floor of the Hub)
  • Thursday 16th February 2023, 9.30-12.30, North Wing Council Room
  • Thursday 20th April 2023, 9.30-12.30, Aula Maxima 

Date, time & location for The President's Orientation CafĂ© 2022/2023: 

  • Tuesday 8th November 2022, 12.30-2.30pm, Aula Maxima
  • Wednesday 31st May 2023, 12.30-2.30pm, Aula Maxima 

All of the above are now open to book via the 'My Training' tab on ESS

Click here to view dates for Mentoring in 2022/23.

Staff Wellbeing & Development

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