Recruitment Reports

Recruitment Reports

Following completion of the selection process, the Department of Human Resources will provide recruitment reports on all advertised posts.

Recruitment Reports 2018

Academic & Student Suport Admin, SEFS

Academic & Student Support Administrator

Administrative Assistant Health and Safety Office

Assistant Director (Programmes), ACE

Capital Projects Officer, Building and Estates Office

Centre Manager, ACE

Chief Technical Officer x 3

Clinical Fellow, Restorative Dentistry

Departmental Operative, Dental Hospital

Departmental Operative, Security Reception Centre

Deputy Corporate Secretary

Deputy Examinations Administrator

Digitisation IT Support Technician, Library

Director of Advancement Services

Director of Projects

Director of Technology Transfer

Head of Academic Technology & Communication

Head of College, Business and Law

Head of Legal Services OCLA

Head of School, Applied Social Studies

Head of School, Medicine

Information Compliance Manager.

IT Project Manager

Lecturer, 19th Century Irish History

Lecturer, Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Lecturer, Computer Science (BA in Psychology)

Lecturer, Diagnostic Radiography

Lecturer, Ethnomusicology

Lecturer, French

Lecturer, French

Lecturer, Law (X3)

Lecturer, Management & Marketing (X3)

Lecturer, Modern Irish

Lecturer, Nursing (Mental Health)

Lecturer, Occupational Health (re-ad)

Lecturer, Physiology

Lecturer, Physiotherapy

Lecturer, Statistics

Lecturer, Transportation Engineering

Lecturer, Women's History & Cultural History

Mature Student Support Officer

NAT Project Officer Education

Policy Support Officer, Academic Secretariat

Professor, Human Rights Law

Project Assistant (Global Water Quality Monitoring)

Rugby Development Officer

School Manager, CUBS

School Manager, School of Engineering

SEA, Accounting & Finance

SEA, Cork University Business School

SEA, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Unit

SEA, Management & Marketing

SEA, Payroll Office

SEA, Research Grants & Contracts

SEA, School of BEES

SEA, Staff Wellbeing and Development

SEA/PA to the Dean of the School of Law

Senior Lecturer, Clinical Psychology

Senior Lecturer, Economics

Senior Lecturer, Medical Education

Senior Lecturer, Nursing

Senior Lecturer, Pharmaceutics

Senior Lecturer, Theatre

Senior Programmes Administrator, School of Nursing & Midwifery

Senior Technical Officer, Microbiology

Specialist Lecturer, Pediatric Dentistry

Systems and High Performance Computing Lead, Insight

Systems Network Engineer

Technical Assistant, School of Biochemistry & Cell Biology

Technical Officer, Medicine




Assistant Allocations Officer, School of Nursing & Midwifery

Administrative Assistant (Paediatrics).docx


Administrative Assistant Student Records and Exams (Exams).docx

Administrative Officer Education GB Report.docx

Admin Officer, Students Union

Assistant Allocations Officer (.75).docx

Assistant Capital Projects Officer.docx

Assistant Internal Auditor

College Language Teacher College of German.docx

College Language Teacher, Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American

College Language Teacher, French.docx

Commercialisation Case Manager GB Report.docx

Consultant Professor of Restorative Dentistry.docx

Consultant Psychiatrist, Student Health.docx

Corporate Secretary.docx

Deputy Accounts Payable Manager.docx

Director of Projects, Presidents Office.docx

Director of the Centre for Global Development.docx

Head of Accreditation and Governance.docx

Head of College Arts.docx

Head of College M&H.docx


HR Research Manager.docx

HRIS Manager.docx

IT Analyst, School of Clinical Therapies.docx

IT Support Assistant Panel.docx

Junior Support Analyst.docx

LCT in Actuarial Science.docx


LCT Applied Psychology.docx

LCT Business Information Systems

LCT Computer Science (Cyber Security).docx

LCT Creative Writing.docx

LCT Drama and Theatre Studies.docx

LCT Education (Sport Pedagogy).docx

LCT Education X2.docx

LCT Financial Accounting.docx

LCT Intellectual Disability Nursing.docx

LCT Law.docx

LCT Medical Education (2 Posts).docx

LCT Microbiology.docx

LCT Modern Irish.docx

LCT Pharmacology.docx

LCT Physiotherapy.docx

LCT Planning & Sustainable Development.docx

LCT Spanish, Portuguese & Latin American Studies.docx

LCT Statistics

LCT Structural Engineering.docx

LCT Women & Gender Studies.docx

Manager, Office of the Senior Vice President Academic and Registrar.docx

Manager, OVPAR.docx

Nurse, Student Health (0.5FTE).docx

Office Manager, Executive Secretary, Office of the President

PA to the Dean of the School of Law.docx

Painter Buildings & Estates.docx

Practice Education Coordinator Dept of Speech and Hearing Sciences.docx

Prof (Scale 2) Biochemistry & Cell Biology.docx

Prof Civil, Strutural and Environmental Engineering.docx

Prof Clinical Nursing.docx


Programme Coordinator MSc Human Anatomy.docx

Project Manager, Student Hub.docx

Relief Duty Officer.docx



SEA Accounts Payable (2 Posts).docx

SEA Applied Psychology.docx

SEA Centre for Continuing Professional Development.docx

SEA Government.docx

SEA Medicine.docx

SEA Research Support Services (re-advertised).docx

SEA Research Support Services.docx

SEA School of Music and Theatre.docx

SEA Student Residential Services & community Relations Office.docx

Senior Library Assistance, Cataloguing and Meta Data.docx

Senior Technical Officer, Department of Pathology.docx

SFI Accountant.docx

SL Civil, Structural & Environmental Engineering.docx

SL Financial Economics.docx

SL Management Accounting.docx

SL Mental Health Nursing.docx

SL Plant Genetics.docx

SL Zoology.docx

STO Pharmacology & Therapeutics.docx

Student Counsellor, Clinical Coordinator.docx

Student Residential Services and Community Relations Officer.docx

Technical Officer (ASSERT Centre).docx

Technical Officer (Film & Screen Media).docx

TO Chemistry Nov 17.docx

TO Chemistry.docx



Academic Strategy Analyst

Administrator BIS

Assistant Allocations Officer, Nursing & Midwifery

Assistant Librarian, Hospital Librarian CUH

Clinical Fellow, Restorative Dentistry

Clinical Pharmacy Practice

College Finance Analyst CACSSS

CUBS Professorial Appointments Economics

CUBS Professorial Appointments Finance

CUBS Professorial Appointments Information Systems

CUBS Professorial Appointments Food Business

CUBS Professorial Appointments Management

CUBS Professorial Appointments Marketing

Dean/Deputy Registrar

Department Manager, Epidemiology & Public Health

Digital Marketing Officer

Director Blackstone Launch Pad

Facilities Engineer, Western Campus

Head of Research & Digital Services

Head of School of Education

HOS Biochemistry & Cell Biology

HOS Engineering

HOS Mathematical Science

HOS Microbiology

HR Coordinator (Research)

Instructional Designer Nursing & Midwifery

LCT Anatomy & Neuroscience

LCT Applied Social Studies

LCT Applied Social Studies

LCT Applied Social Studies

LCT Civil Environmental Engineering

LCT Contemporary Art History

LCT in Criminology

LCT Economics

LCT Education (Special Education Needs)

LCT Environmental Science

LCT Epidemiology & Public Health

LCT in Contemporary East Asian Studies (China)

LCT Irish Traditional Music

LCT Musicology

LCT Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy

LCT Organic Chemistry

LCT Sociology (3 year)

LCT Sociology (5 year)

LCT Speech and Language Therapy

LCT Study of Religions

LCT Work & Organisational Psychology

LCT(s) in Teaching & Learning Advancement

Library Department Operative (Panel)

Léchtóireacht sa Nua Ghaeilge

Manager Blackstone Launch Pad

Manager, Centre for Continuing Professional Development

Manager, Energy & Utilities

Manager, Operations & Finance ACE

Pensions Advisor, HR

Practice Educator Posts

Practice Educator Posts

Prof Clinical Lead Education (Scale 2)

Prof Energy Engineering & Director of MaREI

Prof Grassland Science (Scale 2)

Prof Music (Scale 2)

Prof Process & Chemical Engineering

Project Assistant Global Water Quality Monitoring

Project Coordinator Cork Folklore Project

Research Student Administrator, Graduate Studies

School Manager, Applied Psychology

School Manager, Microbiology

School Manager, Music & Theatre

SEA, Graduate Office


SEA, International Office

SEA, Presidents Office

SEA, School of BEES

SEA, School of Mathematical Sciences

SEA, School of Psychology


Senior Systems Analyst

SL Accounting or Finance

SL Anatomy & Neuroscience

SL Education

SL Epidemiology

SL Epidemiology

SL Occupational Health

SL Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy

Systems Engineer (Data Centre)

Team Administrator (SEA)

Team Administrator (SEA)


Administrative Assistant - Information Services

Administrator - School of Medicine

Aistritheoir - Teagascóir

Analyst Programmer - Project Manager, Enterprise Applications

ASSERT Business Manager

Assistant Research Manager

Athena Swan Project Officer

Department Manager - Dept Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Dept Manager - Food Business & Development

Director of ERI

Fundraising Development Officer

Fundraising Development Officer

Insurance & Claims Officer


Lct in Philosophy

Lct in Physics

Lecturer Health Protection Recruitment Report

Lectureship in Applied Psychology

Lectureship in Biochemistry & Cell Biology

Lectureship in Creative Writing

Lectureship in Health Protection

Lectureship in Health ProtectionSenior Lectureship in Patient Focused Research E

Lectureship in Languages - French

Lectureship in Zoology

Online Learning Project Manager

Prospect Research Officer

SEA - Office of Vice-President for External Relations

SEA - School of English

SEA - Student Records & Examinations

SEA Admissions Recruitment Report

SEA Admissions Recruitment Report

SEA HR Strategy and Organisational Development

SEA International Education Office

SEA Student Experience

Senior Lecturer in Audiology

Senior Lectureship in Clinical Pharmacy Education

SL in Study of Religions (Contemporary Islam)

SL LCT in Food Business and Development

SL Physical Geography

Sports Officer

Student Experience Project Officer

Systems Analyst, Medicine


Administrative Manager - Buildings and Estates

Administrative Officer, Graduate School, College of Arts, Celtic Studies & Socia

Administrative- Projects Officer - College SEFS

ASSERT Business Manager

Assistant Payroll Manager

Buildings Manager Maintenance

Chair Early Medieval Irish

Chair in Energy Engineering

Chair in General Practice

Chief Tech Officer AV

Clinical Fellow in Restorative Dentistry

College Manager SEFS

Deputy Admissions Officer

Deputy Director International

Director Executive MBA Programme

Director Graduate Education

Director of IGNITE - Graduate Business Innovation Programme

Disability Advisor for Students with Specific Learning Difficulties

General Services Supervisor

Head of School BEES

Head of School of History

Head of School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

IT Analyst

IT Manager (Infrastructure)

Lct in Cognitive Psychology

Lct in Criminology

Lct in HCI Psychology

Lct in Nursing, Mental Health

Learning Technologist

Lecturer in Education (Exercise Physiology & Coaching Science)

Lecturer in Marketing

Lecturer Practitioner - School of Nursing

Lecturer Practitioner - School of Nursing & Midwifery

Lectureship in Clinical Pharmacy.SL in Pharmacy

Lectureship in Anatomy & Neuroscience

Lectureship in Civil & Environmental Engineering

Lectureship in Clinical Practice

Lectureship in Cognitive Psychology

Lectureship in Contemporary East Asian Studies (Korea)

Lectureship in Contemporary East Asian Studies Japan

Lectureship in Corporate Finance

Lectureship in Education

Lectureship in Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Lectureship in English

Lectureship in Geology

Lectureship in Law

Lectureship in Management

Lectureship in Marketing

Lectureship in Modern Irish

Lectureship in Music

Lectureship in Nursing (Children's)

Lectureship in Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy

Lectureship in Paediatrics and Child Health

Lectureship in Philosophy

Lectureship in Plant Biology

Lectureship in Prehistoric Archaeology

Lectureship in Public Health

Lectureship.Senior Lectureship in Clinical Pharmacy

Lectureships in Economics

Manager - Department of Chemistry

Manager School of Applied Psychology

Manager, Adult Continuing Education

Payroll Manager

Postgraduate Recruitment & Support Officer

Practice Education Coordinator

Professor in Restorative Dentistry

Professor of Management

Project Manager - Office of Vice-President for Teaching and Learning

Projects Officer, College of SEFS

Recruitment Project Officer

Research Contracts & Technology Transfer Legal Support

Research Information Officer - VP Research

Research Officer OVPRI

SEA (Admin support to the Internationalisation Strategy) - International Educati

SEA - Academic Secretariat

SEA - Academic Secretariat

SEA - Business Information Systems

SEA - Exams & Records

SEA - School of BEES

SEA Fees Office

SEA Finance Office

SEA Graduate Studies

SEA Graduate Studies 2

SEA IT Services

SEA- Student Records & Examinations


Senior Instructor Dental Technician (Orthodontics)

Senior Lectureship Clinical Education Waterord Regional Hospital

Senior Lectureship in Biostatistics

Senior Lectureship in Sports and Exercise Medicine

SL in Pharmacy

Staff Welfare and Development Advisor

Technical Officer CACSSS

Technical Officer, Dept of Chemistry

Undergraduate Admissions Advisor

VP Teaching and Learning




Business Development Officer - CACE

Centre Director, GRCTC

Chair in Applied Mathematics

Chair in Applied Psychology

Chair in Clinical Pharmacy Practice

Chair in Pharmacology

Chair of Nursing

Chair of Plant Biology

Commercialisation Case Manager

Data Manager

Dean of Graduate Studies

Dental School & Hospital Manager

Dental School & Hospital Manager 5 year post

Director International Office

Director of Marketing Communications

Director of Marketing Communications

Director of QPU

Director of Sport and Activity

Disability Advisor for Students with Specific Learning Difficulties

First Year Experience Coordinator

Head of School - Biochemistry and Cell Biology

Head of School - School of Mathematical Sciences

Head of School of Engineering

Head of School of Medicine

Head of Sociology & Philosophy

Head of Student Experience

INFANT Centre Manager

Lecturer Specialist in Oral Surgery

Lectureship in Accounting

Lectureship in Actuarial Science

Lectureship in Anatomy & Neuroscience

Lectureship in Education

Lectureship in Education (Post 2)

Lectureship in General Practice

Lectureship in Geology

Lectureship in Hispanic Studies

Lectureship in Oral Surgery and Conscious Sedation

Lectureship in Pharmacology

Lectureship in Physics

Lectureship in Sociology

Manager Medical School

Marketing and Communications Manager COMH

Mechanical Foreperson

PASS Coordinator

Procurement Assistant

Procurement Specialist Estates

Procurement Specialist Laboratory

Professor (Scale 2) of Asian Studies

Professor of Plant Biology

Professor of Technology Enhanced Learning

Programme Coordinator Credit Union Studies

Research Support Officer - Applied Psychology


SEA Accounts Payable Post A

SEA Accounts Payable Post B

SEA International Education Office

Senior Lecturer in Clinical Medicine Education

Senior Lecturer in Perinatal Epidemiology

Senior Lectureship in Medical Education

Senior Lectureship in Occupational Psychology

SL in Digital Humanties & Screen Media

Technical Officer, Dept of Microbiology





Assistant Librarian

Department Manager, Department of Management and Marketing

Academic Secretary

Chair of Modern Irish

Director of IT Services

SEA Admissions Office

Lectureship in Shakespeare Studies

Lectureship in Bealoideas

Senior Lectureship in Pharmacology

Senior Lectureship in the Sociology of Crime

Technical Officer, BSU

Director of Library Services

Lectureship in Analytical Chemistry

Lectureship in Applied Social Studies

Lectureship in Mathematics / Financial Mathematics

SEA, Academic Secretariat

SEA, Academic Secretariat

SEA, (post B) Academic Secretariat

Lectureship in Prosthodontics and Oral Rehabilitation

Lectureships in Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

SEA, Student Records and Exams

Lectureship in Biochemistry (5 year post)

Senior Lectureships in Social Work

Admissions Officer

Admissions Officer

AT Outreach Coordinator

Chair in English

Deputy Corporate Secretary

Director of Sports Studies

Facilities Foreperson

Head of School of Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Interim Director, Centre for Adult Continuing Education

Lectureship in Prosthodontics and Oral Rehabilitation

Lectureship in Applied Mathematics

Lectureship in Contemporary Chinese Studies

Chair of Zoology?

Lectureship in Ecology

Lectureship in Ethnomusicology

Lectureship in French

Lectureship in Government

Lectureship in Mathematics

Lectureship in Musicology

Lectureship in Organic Chemistry

Lectureship in Physical Geography

Lectureship in Psychiatry

Lectureship in Statistics

Mature Student Undergraduate Links Coordinator

Practice Tutor, Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy

Procurement Specialist

Professor of Music

Prosector, Anatomy

Research Nurse, CRF

Research Officer, Office of the VP for Research and Innovation

Research Officer, CACSSS

School Manager, School of Education


SEA, Garda Vetting and Admissions


SEA, School of Applied Psychology

Senior Lecturer in Anatomy

Senior Lecturer in Chinese Studies

Senior Lecturer in Public Health

Director of Technology Transfer

Lectureship in Applied Social Studies

Lectureship in Chemical Energy

Business and Operations Manager, CRF

Lectureship in Contemporary Chinese Studies

Lectureship in Dental Technology

Lectureship in Restorative Dentistry

Lectureship / Senior Lectureship in Biochemistry

SEA, Buildings and Estates

Student Support Officer

Lectureship in Astrophysics

Lectureship in Physics (Optics)

Assistant Librarian - Special Collections

Lectureship in Biochemistry (GEM)

Lectureship in Epidemiology and Public Health

Lectureship in Epidemiology and Public Health (2)

Technical Officer, Anatomy and Neuroscience

Lectureship in Biochemistry (5 year post)

Lectureship in Corporate Finance

Lectureship in Environmental Archaeology

Administrator, School of Medicine

Chair of Zoology

IGNITE Business Development Manager

Lecturer in Applied Psychology

Lectureship in Bioinformatics

Lectureship in Cognitive Psychology

Lectureship in Drama and Theatre Studies

Lectureship in Law

Lectureship in Urban Geography

Lectureship / Placement Officer,Sports Studies

Senior Technical Officer, Pharmacology?


Chair in Anatomy

Clinical Fellow in Oral Medicine

Clinical Fellow in Paediatric Dentistry

Clinical Fellow in Restorative Dentistry

Co-ordinator of Student Placements/Lecturer in the School of Education

Co-ordinator International Student Recruitment

Director - ERI

Head of College of Science, Engineering and Food Science

Lecturer in International Politics

Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering

Lecturer in Microbiology

Lecturer in Sociology

Lecturer in Study of Religions

Post Doctoral Researcher, Department of Applied Psychology

Senior Lecturer, Drama and Theatre Studies

Chair in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Chair in Physiology‌‌

Co-ordinator of Student Placements/Lecturer in the School of Education‌‌

Director of Research Support‌‌‌

Lectureship in Biochemistry‌‌‌

Lecturer in Clinical Pharmacy Practice‌‌‌

Lecturer in English‌‌‌

Lecturer in Law‌‌‌

Lecturer in Opthalmology‌‌‌

Lecturer in Statistics, permanent ‌‌‌

Technical Officer, Department of Physiology‌‌‌

Associate Director – Centre for International Development ‌‌‌

Head of College of Medicine and Health‌‌‌

Head of Graduate School, College of Business and Law‌‌‌

Chair in Energy Engineering‌‌‌

Director, CCRF‌‌‌

Lecturer in Applied Psychology‌‌‌

Lecturer in Nutrition‌‌‌

Lecturer in Food Business and Development‌‌‌

Lecturer in Mathematical Sciences‌‌‌

Lecturer in Paediatrics and Child Health‌‌‌

VP for External Relations‌‌‌

Chair in Geography‌‌‌

Human Resources

Acmhainní Daonna

Ground Floor, Block E, Food Science Building, UCC