Promotion to Professor (Scale 2)

** Stage 2 of the process is complete and all candidates have been notified**



Dear Colleagues,

Stage 2 (Full Application) of the call for Promotion to Professor (Scale 2) is currently open and will close at 12 noon (sharp) on Thursday, 13th February 2020.

Please note that as this is now a two-stage application process, you must have established a prima facie case for promotion and have been shortlisted during the EOI (first) stage of the process. You may not submit an application at this stage unless you have been invited by HR to do so.  Applications will only be considered via the e-recruitment portal.

Once you log into the “Promotion to Professor (Scale 2) – Stage 2” competition via e-recruitment, the Application form (P1) and Teaching Timetable template are located on the drop-down menu on the left-hand side in the ‘Current Vacancy Details.’ These templates may not be altered.

The Application form (P1) should be used to highlight all activities and achievements as they relate to the criteria outlined in Appendix C of the Regulation on Academic Promotions to Professor (Scale 2). Applicants should then provide evidence in their portfolios to support all claims made in relation to the criteria. While there is no template for the portfolios, you are advised to set out your evidence clearly and under the relevant criteria headings, which should correspond to the headings in Appendix C and in the Application form (P1). Please be aware of the page and file size limits, which will be strictly applied.

A number of briefing sessions took place throughout September and October 2019.  We would strongly advise all potential applicants to read all of the supporting documentation (see below or click here) including the presentation slides from the briefings, FAQ’s and the Regulation in advance of submitting an application.

No applications will be considered by the Board if they have not been fully submitted through the e-recruitment portal by the closing time and date.

Please direct any enquiries you may have to our dedicated mailbox at  

Kind regards,

Rachel Long

Promotions and OD Advisor



Promotion to Professor (Scale 2) Briefing EOI and Full Application

Promotion to Professor (Scale 2) Briefing Session, Prof O'Halloran

Regulation on Academic Promotions to Professor (Scale 2)

Code of Conflict in relation to Recruitment and Promotions

Mentoring for Female Academics  

FAQs Academic Promotion to Professor (Scale 2) 2019

Promotion to Professor (Scale 2) Board 



Further information concerning academic establishment and promotion can be obtained from:

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Promotions and OD Advisor

Department of Human Resources,
University College,
Phone +353 21 490 3057



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