Removal Expenses Scheme

Introduction - Purpose of Scheme

In the interest of attracting top quality staff, the provision of financial assistance is available to all eligible new appointees to assist in their relocation to Cork in order to take up employment within the University.  Under the terms of the scheme, the President  has the right to vary the amount of financial assistance in exceptional circumstances, on foot of a written business case which has been submitted by the relevant Head of College/Head of Executive Budget area.



The Scheme applies to all new permanent and temporary academic and research appointees and to senior administrative appointees from Admin V (Grade5) upwards.

The payment of relocation expenses under this policy for research staff will be subject to the availability of funding in accordance with the provisions of the funding body.



Expenses may be granted for new appointees relocating within Ireland provided their previous residence is not within 100km travelling distance.

The scheme does not include staff transferring to a new post within the University nor does it include those who have been promoted.

Travelling and removal costs would normally include the appointee’s cohabitant partner and unmarried dependent children under the age of sixteen or in full-time education or other approved full-time training at the time of appointment.


Entitlement - Allowable Expenses:

Receipted expenses will be reimbursed to appointees subject to the following maximum limit of expenditure:

From an address in

Euro (€)

Ireland (Outside 100kms of previous residence)


Great Britain (excluding N. Ireland) 




These maximum limits include all expenditure reimbursed to the appointee, including that incurred on an advance visit, whatever its description or nature.  Eligible temporary appointees will receive an amount pro-rata to the term of their contract.  Receipted expenses will be reimbursed, limited to a percentage (as per table below) of the maximum level of expenditure:

Term of Contract


1 year


2 years


3 years


4 years or more


Please note that provision for un-receipted subsistence allowances is not included in this scheme.


Transport of Self and Family.

The cost of one advance visit for the purpose of securing suitable housing is included.  Where applicable, an employee’s spouse/cohabitant partner may accompany them.

The cost of transfer of immediate family by the most economical means of transportation as outlined below:

  • Air travel - at tourist or economy class rate
  • Sea travel - at tourist, car ferry or equivalent rate
  • Rail travel - at economy rate, including the cost of sleepers, from previous home to the point of embarkation
  • Car travel - cost of petrol (not mileage allowance) from previous home to point of embarkation.  Other reasonable expenses incurred en route (hotel bills (ordinarily one night’s accommodation), ferry charges and subsistence) will also be reimbursed on production of receipts.  The total cost of transportation by motor vehicle cannot exceed the cost of reasonable economy class airfares.


Removal of Household and Personal Effects

The scheme covers reasonable transportation costs of household and personal effects, including packaging by an approved carrier.  This also includes insurance to cover risk of damage and the cost of storage not exceeding 30 days.


Temporary Accommodation

Expenses related to vouched rent for short-term temporary accommodation while waiting to secure a residence in Cork shall not be paid for a period that exceeds 14 days.


Nonqualified Allowable Expenses:

  • Work-related items (e.g. office or laboratory moves). Such costs should be discussed with your Institution, who may or may not be able to assist,
  • Removal of livestock or pets,
  • The costs of disconnection/reconnection of electrical or other household appliances or any household cleaning,
  • The costs incurred in the obtaining of visas/passports,
  • Stamp Duty and any other fees associated with buying or selling a home,
  • Social/Incidental Expenses.


Repayment Conditions

The University will seek reimbursement in the event of an individual leaving employment earlier than expected (except by reason of retirement, redundancy, termination of the contract by the University other than by disciplinary action, death or medical unfitness), that is:

Departure during first year


Departure during second year


Departure during third year


Departure during the fourth year


Claim Procedure

Reimbursement claims should be made using Removal Expenses Claim Form with receipts securely attached, and submitted to the Department of Human Resources for authorisation by the Director of Human Resources. You are advised to retain copies for future reference.

You will receive reimbursement against the allowable expenses and up to the maximum limit of expenditure directly to your bank account. Claims must be ordinarily submitted within 6 months of the appointee commencing in their post at UCC.

Removal Expenses Claim Form

Human Resources

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