Candidate Expenses

Candidate Expenses

Where a candidate is attending a job interview and is travelling from a location at least 120km outside of UCC, the University will normally reimburse for reasonable travel expenses and, if applicable, accommodation costs, subject to the limits outlined below. The reimbursement of interview related expenses will be for the individual candidate only and the University will not meet any costs in respect of any individual travelling with the candidate. Receipts must be submitted in respect of all claims and any legitimate costs incurred (as outlined below) without an associated receipt will not be reimbursed.


Candidates are expected to take the most economical mode of transport at all times and where a candidate decides to take an alternative mode of transport, s/he will be reimbursed at the equivalent cost of the cheapest mode.

For travel within Ireland, all expenses will be reimbursed to the value of the cheapest mode of public transport available. Taxi/bus journey to and from the University will only be reimbursed where such expense is incurred to and from the airport/train station/bus station.

For candidates travelling outside of Ireland, economy airfares to Ireland and travel within Ireland as outlined above will be reimbursed. The cost of travelling to the airport in the country of origin will not be reimbursed.


Where overnight accommodation is necessary and the University has not arranged or pre-paid for the accommodation, the University will reimburse reasonable single occupancy bed and breakfast accommodation. Such reimbursement will normally be for one night but may be for a maximum of two nights’ accommodation, if agreed in advance, and will be limited to an overall maximum of €80 per night. There are a number of suitable guesthouses in the vicinity of the University (contact information outlined below).


A maximum contribution of €10 towards the cost of a lunchtime meal and €20 towards the cost of an evening meal will be reimbursed subject to the inclusion of the relevant receipts as part of the overall expenses claim. Where the cost of a meal is less than the maximum contribution, the actual cost will be reimbursed. Expenses incurred in respect of alcoholic beverages will not be reimbursed.

Non Allowable Expenses

Expenses incurred in respect of visa applications, travel insurance, newspapers, telephone calls, parking or any other expenses not outlined above cannot be included in any claim for the reimbursement of expenses. If you are in doubt as to whether a particular expense will be allowable for reimbursement, please contact the post administrator in Human Resources prior to incurring the expense.

Overall Limits

Notwithstanding the reimbursement detail outlined above, overall limits in respect of the total expense claim will apply as outlined below. Any expense incurred beyond the limits will not be reimbursed and will be the responsibility of the candidate. The limits of this policy will be adhered to at all times. Only vouched expenses will be reimbursed subject to the limits of the policy.

Location                                                                                                                  Limit

Travel within Ireland (including Northern Ireland):                                                 €125

Travel from Great Britain                                                                                         €250

Travel from Europe:                                                                                                 €500

All other locations:                                                                                                   €1,200


In the event that the candidate selected for appointment does not take up the appointment expenses will not be reimbursed and all costs incurred will remain the responsibility of the candidate.

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