Travel Pass Scheme

Travel Pass Scheme




1.  The Travel Pass Scheme is a facility whereby employees can purchase annual bus or rail tickets through UCC.  The employee will not pay tax, PRSI, USC or pension related deduction on the remuneration sacrificed, so there are big savings all round. 

Please note all Travel Passes will be valid from 1st January 2016 to 31st December 2016 inclusive.

Queries should be directed to Ms Lorraine Kelleher, Department of Human Resources by


2. To be eligible to participate in this scheme, an employee must be either a permanent member of staff OR a temporary or contract employee whose contract end date is not less than 31st December 2016.


3. The scheme applies only to annual bus and rail passes issued by Iarnrod Eireann and Bus Eireann.

4. All applications for participation must be submitted to the Department of Human Resources by close of business on Friday, 20th November 2015.

5. A new application will be required for each subsequent year of participation.


6. Staff who wish to participate in the scheme must complete an Application for Travel Pass form and a Travel Pass Scheme Authorisation form and submit them to Lorraine Kelleher in the Department of Human Resources. 

7. The University will then purchase the Travel Pass on the employee’s behalf in exchange for the employee foregoing the commensurate value from their annual basic salary in lieu.

8. Travel Passes issued as part of this scheme will commence from 1st January 2016 and be valid for travel for a one year period. 

9. For the scheme to be able to satisfy the Revenue Commissioners requirements for salary sacrifice, the scheme operates on an annual basis.  Accordingly, participants in the scheme are only able to cancel their participation at the expiry of the one-year period.

10. An employee who terminates their employment prior to the expiry of their 12 month agreement will have the outstanding Travel Pass debt deducted from their final salary/wage or any other monies due.  In the event of insufficient monies being available to meet the debt in full, the individual will personally reimburse the University.

11.University College Cork accepts no liability or responsibility in the case of lost or unused travel passes (most transport providers will replace lost passes at a small fee), or in the case of any injury which the employee may incur while using the travel pass.

12. The scheme will have no impact on pension contributions or on pension benefits.

13In the case of resignation/termination of employment it is possible for individuals to claim a refund from the transport provider but should note that the refund will be based on the 'monthly' cost of the ticket and not the 'annual' cost.

Travel Pass Scheme Price list and Application Form (32kB)

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