Training Pack

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‌‌Guidance for Virtual PDRS Meeting

Flow chart of Guidelines for PDRS Reviews: Overview Walkthrough

Flow chart of Guidelines for PRDS Meeting

Performance and Development Review Policy

Staff Performance & Review Policy & Guidelines - Irish

Performance & Development Review Form

Performance & Development Review Form - Irish

Capability PolicyCapability Policy


Face to Face Training

Three main programmes are being provided on an on-going basis to train all staff covered by the system, as outlined in the Staff Performance & Development Review Policy, namely:

Reviewee Training (3 hour Session)

Reviewer Training (1 Day Session)

Head of Department/Area/Centre Training (1 Day Session with follow up session as required)

If you would like to organise a refresher briefing (approx. 1 hour) or a meeting to discuss PDRS for your area, please contact 

Human Resources

Acmhainní Daonna

Ground Floor, Block E, Food Science Building, UCC