UCC Equality Committee

Committee Membership

The current membership of the committee is as follows:

  • Prof Siobhan Mullally ( Chair), School of Law
  • Suzanne Buckley, International Office
  • Olive Byrne, UCC Plus+
  • Debbie Curran, Office of the VP for Research & Innovation
  • Dr Mary Noonan, Dept of French
  • Dr Angela Flynn, School of Nursing & Midwifery
  • Mary O’Grady, Disability Support Services
  • Mary O’Sullivan, Mature Student Office
  • Paul Prendergast, Buildings & Estates Office
  • Dr Sabin Tabrica, Dept of Computer Science
  • Ann King, Athena Swan
  • Dr Laurence Davis, Dept of Government
  • Dr Helen Lynch, Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy
  • Kate Moriarty, Students Union
  • Catherine Murphy ( Secretary)

Information about the Committee

1. Name of Committee: The name of the committee shall be the UCC Equality Committee.

2. Statement of Purpose : The Committee shall be responsible for promoting equality of access and equality in employment and opportunity for staff and students of UCC, for overseeing the implementation of Equality Legislation in the University and for making recommendations to the University Management Team on all matters relating to Equality.

3. Membership and Meetings:

a. Membership

Originally the Committee comprised of an Executive Board and Advisory Group. To make more effective use of the time of those attending the meetings and to balance the portion of time spent by the Committee on the consideration of student equality issues as well as staff equality issues, the Board and Group were merged to create the Equality Committee. 

In order to aid its operation, the Equality Committee may from time to time arrange for subgroups to consider specialist issues and bring forward recommendations to the Committee. The membership and duration of these sub-groups shall be determined by the issue in question.  The Chairperson shall be nominated by the President. In attendance for specific items of business: RelevantUniversityOfficers/Staff shall attend as requested by the Committee.

b. Frequency of Meetings

The Equality Committee shall meet twice a year (February & May) and a plenary meeting will take place annually (October). 

c. Quorum

The quorum necessary for the transaction of business shall be 50% of membership plus one.

4. Terms of Reference :

The Committee shall have responsibility for:

  • driving the equality agenda in UCC ensuring equality is a key consideration in all plans developed by the four colleges and the University as a whole;
  •  ensuring the University complies with all legislative requirements in relation to equality matters, with particular reference to the Universities Act 1997, the Employment Equality Acts 1998 - 2008, the Equal Status Acts 2000-2004, the Disability Act 2005 and any other relevant legislation;
  • approving, overseeing and providing guidance and direction for the achievement of the objectives identified in the University Equality Strategy 2010 - 2012;
  •  bringing to the attention of the University Management Team developments in national and European equality policy that have implications for UCC;
  •  making recommendations to the University Management Team on addressing inequalities in the University and make suggestions on positive action measures;
  • submitting an annual report to UMTS and to Governing Body on the progress of the Committee;
  •  highlighting and discussing inequalities in the University;
  • contributing towards the objectives set in the University Equality Strategy 2008 - 2012;
  • evaluating the implementation and effectiveness of the University’s equality and diversity policies, procedures and plans;
  • reviewing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with legislation and codes of practice;
  • maintain the development of equality training programmes developed by the University and;
  • assisting in the promotion and mainstreaming of equality throughout UCC.

5. Reporting Relationships:

The Committee reports directly into the University Management Team (Strategy) on a yearly basis in advance of its annual report to Governing Body. 

Period of Office: The period of office of the Equality Committee shall be co-terminus with Governing Body.

6. Administrative Support: Support and administration for the Equality Committee shall be provided by the Equality Officer

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