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Marcel Jansen

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I am a relative newcomer at UCC, joining the college in 2003. Pre 2003, I studied for a PhD at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, was a postdoctoral researcher in the UK (Wye College London), The Netherlands (Wageningen) and once more the UK (John Innes Centre Norwich), and a lecturer at the University of Antwerp. Children were born while residing in Wye, Norwich and Antwerp, and if somebody wants to talk about having a young family as part of an international scientific career, I am happy to chat! I am a plant ecophysiologist in the School of BEES where I teach a range of modules. I am delighted with a record of scientific productivity and grant capture from a range of sources. One of my interests is interdisciplinary research on the interface between basic and applied sciences, and I lead a diverse research-group comprised of multiple PhD students, postdoctoral researchers and research assistants and a project manager. As so many of us, I was trained to do experiments and write-up papers, and have found management of a research-group and development of a career-path both a daunting as well as fascinating experience. As a mentor, I am happy to listen, exchange experiences, and have two-way conversations about planning a career at UCC.

Types of Mentoring Offered: 1:1 or Panel Mentoring. Short or Long term relationships. Speed Mentoring - One meeting to address specific mentee need

Mentoring Topics Include: Innovation in Research,Balancing Work and Family Responsibilities,Collaborative Research,Preparing Articles for Publication,Choosing Where to Publish - Publishing Strategically,Developing an Academic Profile,Writing Grant Applications,Managing/ Leading Grants and Projects,Research and Professional Ethics,Team Working,Leading Labs/ Field Work,Career Development,Speaking at Conferences

Approach to Mentoring: Friendly chat, mutual trust, very much focussed on the concept of a two-way interaction

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