MA in Medieval History

MA in Medieval History

The MA in Medieval History is a taught, one-year course that gives you the research skills to investigate and interpret the literary and artistic culture of the Middle Ages.

You will encounter medieval sources that are being radically reinterpreted in the light of exciting new research by course lecturers. The course is designed to give you a thorough grounding in research skills while providing maximum freedom to follow your own research interests.

You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your own ability to engage with historical sources in writing your research dissertation. You will also adapt your research and analytical skills to a variety of non-academic contexts or, alternatively, to undertaking further research.

What will I study?

In the autumn and spring teaching periods, you will take a number of courses (including instruction in Latin) that explore major themes in western medieval culture and are intended to equip you with the key skills of the medieval historian. Teaching is research-led; classes focus on a range of sources, both literary and visual.
In the first teaching period, the MA offers modules which concentrate on historical themes, and others which are intended to develop key research skills and methodologies. At the beginning of the autumn teaching period, you will take Contexts for Medieval History (Hi6036). This is a short and intensive introduction to key research contexts for themes and topics in medieval history. The taught courses are delivered in the autumn semester. These are Intellectual History (Hi6037), Interpreting the Sources (Hi6038) and Skills for Medieval Historians (Hi6039). Intellectual History examines key themes in Irish and European intellectual history from the early to the late Middle Ages. Interpreting the Sources involves a close analysis of selected sources of fundamental importance for understanding medieval history and culture. In Skills for Medieval Historians you explore, evaluate and employ the variety of sources, techniques and strategies available to historians.
All students take an introductory Latin course (Lt6001), or a Latin project. The Latin course runs for both autumn and spring.
The purpose of the autumn semester courses is to provide you with context and expertise to undertake your research in the field. This research is largely conducted in the spring semester, and your conclusions are written up in your thesis during spring and summer.

What skills will I learn?

The course will equip you with the essential skills that enable you to understand and interpret the history and culture (written and visual) of the past. It will introduce new and innovative methodologies that bring fresh insights into medieval times, and that allow us to reconstruct in considerable detail how people understood their world, and how they lived their lives. There are courses that explore and apply research methods, and also courses that train you in how these methods and skills can be used by graduates in their working environment. You will also be guided in how to conduct research, and in how to present your findings both orally and in writing.


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