Access to and Feedback on Examination Scripts 2021

All students have a statutory right to access their examination scripts and this is distinct from feedback on that examination script. Requests for access to examination scripts must be responded to by the module coordinator in a timely manner (ready-only format, to their umail account only).

As all examination scripts are in an online format this academic year, there is no requirement for the supervised structured viewing of scripts, unless the student requests feedback. Students who apply to acquire a copy of their examination script must be supplied with it.

Post-Examination Board Feedback

If a student wishes to take the opportunity for Post Examination Board Feedback as opposed to access to an examination script student can expect the following from a post-examination board feedback:

a) 17.3.3 …feedback regarding a student’s performance

b) 17.3.7… given details of the corresponding breakdown of their aggregate marks.

c) 17.3.8 …given details of marks for individual questions.

d) 17.3.9 …given an indication of the criteria which determine the different classes of judgement.

e) 17.3.9….given a verbal qualitative indication of their relative strengths and weaknesses in that module.

Consultation Days

  • Specific Consultation Days are designated by each College


Exam Board

Dates 2021

Consultation Dates

College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences


 All programmes except the following:

17-29 June

(visiting students

29 June)

Monday, 5 July 2021


Tuesday, 6 July 2021


BSocSc (Youth & Community Work)



Applied Social Studies Postgraduate Programmes

11 June

Friday, 25 June

Education (Postgraduate)

11 June

Tuesday, 22 June

BA (Early Years and Childhood Studies)

15 June

Friday, 25 June

BEd (Sports Studies and Physical Education)

11 June &

17 June

Year 4 Tuesday, 22 June

Years 1-3 Friday, 25 June

BSc Government, and Government and Political Science

15 June

Wednesday, 7 July 2021


Thursday, 8 July 2021

  • Students should apply for a consultation through the individual module coordinator.
  • The students are advised and provide written confirmation of agreement to the parameters of the consultation including:

-What is and is not deemed feedback – to be consistent across the University [see above]

-No negotiation of a mark or reassessment of the examination script will be undertaken

-No third parties can attend the consultation 

  • The consultation should take place through a video meeting (Teams, Skype etc). Phone calls are not permitted.

School of History

Scoil na Staire

Tyrconnell,Off College Road,Cork,Ireland.