Some members of staff were also alumni of Queen's / University College, Cork — indicated here by A

Staff members who have been Presidents of the QCC/ UCC are listed separately.

In the UCC Curatorial Collections there are many portraits of staff, including paintings and sculptures. As part of the provenance research process, short biographies about the subjects have been created. 


Prof. John Buddle Blyth (1816-1871) Professor of Chemistry, Queen's College, Cork, 1849-71 

Prof. George Boole (1815-1864) Professor of Mathematics, Queen's College, Cork, 1849-64

Prof. Daniel Corkery / Domhnall Ó Corcora (1878-1964) Professor of English, UCC, 1931-47

Prof. Tadhg Ó Donnchadha (1874-1949), also known as 'Tórna', Professor of Irish, UCC, 1916-44

Prof. Mary Ryan (1873-1961), Professor of Romance Languages, UCC, 1910-1938 — A

Prof. John C. Sperrin Johnson (1885-1948), Professor of Botany, UCC, 1932-1948 — A

Prof. W. F. P. Stockley (1859-1943), Professor of English, UCC, 1905-1931

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