UCC Green Campus Podcast Episode 16 with School of BEE’s research assistants Calum Sweeney and Fiach Byrne

20 Jan 2023

Calum and Fiach talk about their role in the LIVE project down on the Iveragh peninsula. This project enables coastal communities to promote their natural and cultural assets and how to create opportunities for sustainable tourism. They talk about the rich environment of the Iveragh peninsula, the studies and surveys they carry out to produce different resources, and the community engagement in the region.

They move on to talk about the reintroduction of a meadow at the Valentia Meteorological Observatory. They describe the conditions needed for a meadow, the results achieved in respect of the flower and fauna that inhabit the meadow, and how you can have your own meadow in your back garden. They finish by talking about how meadows and the live project feed into the national discussion on Ireland’s biodiversity. If you want to read more about the meadows at Valentia Meteorological Observatory click here

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