The Green Zone

9 Feb 2022
The Green Zone

Welcome to The Green Zone - a selection of lunchtime talks covering Sustainability and Climate Action themes. UCC Green Campus would like to invite our staff and students to join us in the Green Room for a series of lunchtime talks and workshops covering all aspects of sustainability and Climate Action.  We’ll be giving you a round-up of UCC’s activities and plans in relation to each theme, followed by some practical advice on what we can all do to realise our sustainability goals. Have you ever wondered what the most important action you could take to reduce your carbon footprint?  What grants are available to homeowners to retrofit their houses?  How can we better support Ireland’s native wildlife?  Then you’ve come to the right place. First up in the Green Room, we’ll be discussing “Waste Reduction and Recycling”, we’ll give you an update on UCC’s actions to become single-use plastic free.  This will be followed by a talk from Mindy O’Brien, Chief Executive of Voice Ireland, who will discuss waste reduction and recycling in the home.

First Up - Waste Reduction and Recycling with Mindy O'Brien, Chief Executive Voice Ireland.

Wed 9th February 1.10pm TEAMS