The Climate Emergency – What are we Doing?

14 Oct 2019

Find out how UCC are responding to the Climate Emergency.

UCC are members of the Environmental Association of Universities and Colleges (EAUC) and signatories of the SDG Accord.  The EAUC were one of the first alliances to take the step of declaring a Climate Emergency and this week published a framework with actions for member institutions to follow in responding to this crisis.  Below is an overview of what UCC is currently doing and/or plans to do over the next 12 months in relation to that framework.

Of course, there is also a huge amount of work being undertaken by our academic community in developing the knowledge and solutions required to address these challenges.  Combining our world-class knowledge with the university’s commitment to deliver change on campus and in local communities will be the key to achieving the level of transformation required.

We look forward to working with our UCC Community on these initiatives.  If you would like to be directly involved then please just get in touch at

Read about how UCC Green Campus is addressing the EAUC’s Climate Emergency Framework.

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