9 Jan 2023

Join us for a sound bath  -  An auditory experience designed to support deep, embodied rest and contemplative reflection.

Using guided meditation and a variety of instruments you will be guided into a full body relaxation. From here you have an opportunity to explore your inner world and receive insights, nourishment and guidance from your subconscious mind and the wider ecosystem in which you live. Taking the time to rest and reflect supports us to take focused, mindful action that's rooted in self, community, and ecosystem awareness rather than staying endlessly busy, in a state of stress, taking action from anxiety, fear and anger.  We find our centre, connect to the earth and our communities and from a balanced, relaxed place. From here we can take action and create new ways of being on earth which are rooted in wellbeing, creativity and peace. These sessions are suitable for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.