Our Community Market Stalls

1 Nov 2021
Stall selection

From artists to illustrators and charity shops to vintage one thing all our stalls have in common is their desire for circularity and sustainability and a better way of living. Why not come along to see for yourself. 


"EarthWay Refill is a shop where you can buy organic foods, liquids, household & body care products in the quantity you want, using your own containers. Thus reducing the production of more packaging. Our ethos is to highlight the need to eliminate unnecessary plastic and reduce waste by offering good qualitity, organic food/products from dispensers, scoops and jars, so zero waste to the customer. We will be selling all base essential foods and household liquids. The ideal is that people bring their own containers/bottles etc. We are excited to be at the Community Market to spread the word to the community about how Refill is very affordable"

EarthWay Refill. 

"There isn’t really any common theme in the bits I make other then that the art is usually kinda sad or else kinda funky. Supporting local is really important to me. Most of my prints I own on my bedroom wall are from Irish and mostly even cork artists. Pretty inspiring to be surrounded by art from talented irish people. I mostly sell prints but occasionally delve into making other bits like stickers and even upcycled tobacco tins at the moments. I’m excited to have my art on display and stand next to it. I’m used to selling stuff online so it’s gonna be so exciting to interact with people in person. If I sell a few bits that would be nice too".

Ruth O'Connell - Artist.

"Our ethos as a charity organisation which supports domestic abuse services and programs to end relationship abuse is "shop to stop abuse and support sustainable retail. We believe in the importance of buying secondhand and do our best to promote the circular economy. We sell a range of stuff in our store from household items, furniture and so on but at the pop-up shop, we will be selling good quality secondhand winter fashion items, books and jewellery".

Haven Horizon - Charity Organisation.