New Cycle Parking Facilities on Main Campus

2 Jun 2022

Stephan Koch, Commuter Plan Manager. As somewhat normal life has been back to Campus this semester UCC’s recent CampusCycleWeek (29th March – 4th April) saw the opening of two new bicycle parking areas on Main Campus, at the Student HUB and at the South Lodge.

The new bike racks behind the northern end of the HUB (uphill from the Western Ave Archway) were set up on a 10x10m footprint. The area had been earmarked for bike parking for a longer time, but the first BuildBackBetter Climate Assembly round in Feb 2021 gave the final spark for starting the project. On an area that would usually cater for 4 car spaces (plus circulation space), racks for 72 bikes are now available to all staff and students. This was made possible by installing space saving new types of racks, in order to get 4 rows of bikes into the 10m width.

Besides a number of classic ‘Sheffield’ style hoops, semi-vertical racks (first used in the Bio-Sciences UG bike cage) and double-sided high-density racks make this possible. The alternating ‘high-low’ front wheel supports avoid the hassle with the neighbour’s handlebar, while the overlap of front wheels from either side saves up to 1m in depth. Half of the places are covered with a shelter, while the remaining half will follow soon, and dedicated CCTV is planned to be installed.


See pictures with Mark Poland, Director of Buildings and Estates, formally opening the bike parking area.

The Second new parking area is in the South Lodge courtyard near College Road (Archway behind the Boole), formerly home to the Disabilities Support Service. There are 20 new spaces with ‘Sheffield’ style hoops, half of them equipped with a shelter. Eventually, this area will be protected by a swipe locked gate, while already now, passive surveillance is guaranteed as office windows are directly facing the area.

While sheltered bike spaces provide a bit of comfort and avoid wet saddles on a rainy day, they are quite important for parents who have padded child seats on bikes. In time for spring, this adds a new quality to UCC’s facilities to support healthy, climate and wallet friendly commuting to Campus. Thanks to the UCC Buildings Office (esp. in person of Michael O’Sullivan) for all their support.