Making Space For Nature in Cork City - Event Report

21 Jul 2022

On July 9th 2022, UCC Green Campus and Cork Environmental Forum ran the first event of our biodiversity coalition initiative entitled ‘Making Space for Nature in Cork City’.

The purpose of this event was to bring people together to begin building a coalition of local groups and concerned individuals to protect and restore nature in Cork City. Given the continued destruction of our ecosystems, needless felling of trees, and reduction of our shared public green spaces, we decided that enough was enough. Biodiversity in Ireland is rapidly declining, and we must ensure that biodiversity conservation is at the centre of all planning and development decisions made by Cork City Council and other key stakeholders in Cork.

There are an array of groups already working in this area and we must all come together to highlight what has been achieved and strengthen the nature protection initiative. This 2 hour event utilised a workshop-based format and participants took part in 3 discussion sessions to identify areas of common concern and potential collaborative opportunities.

Session 1: Protect, Enhance, and Restore Nature in Cork

Session 2: Campaign Ideas

Session 3: Next Steps

You can read the full summary report of the event Making Space for Nature Summary Report

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