Irene Ní Shúilleabháin is UCC Green Campus Greenshoots Coordinator

3 Mar 2023

The Greenshoots programme focuses on student engagement with green spaces on campus, in addition to climate action and sustainability, for the benefit of students' wellbeing and the environment of which they are a part. Irene will collaborate with students to encourage greater awareness of the benefits of green spaces amongst the student community. It is hoped that the Greenshoots programme will lead to an increase in the number of students using campus green spaces to improve their wellbeing, in addition to adopting and championing pro-environmental behaviours (highlighting issues such as sustainable food production, biodiversity conservation and holistic solutions to environmental problems).


Irene gave a presentation at the recent Green Forum meeting about what the role entails and her goals for the future. To download the presentation click Green Forum Presentation