Green Campus Podcast Episode 9 with facilitator, coach, and celebrant Melanie O’Driscoll

12 May 2022

The 9th installment of the UCC Green Campus podcast is now available where we talk to facilitator, coach, and celebrant Melanie O’Driscoll.

Melanie begins by telling us about her journey from studying zoology to acting as a facilitator with The Green Step, and training as an interfaith minister. She moves on to talk about what eco-grief and climate anxiety means and how it can impact a person's well-being and tells us the importance of strong community links when tackling climate issues.

She goes through what her ‘Self Care is Climate Care’ workshops entail, which are run monthly through UCC Green Campus. She talks about how she works to create shared experiences in this space to help people express their emotions and increase their climate resilience.

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