Green Campus Podcast Episode 5 with UCC Director of IT Services Gerard Cully

21 Jan 2022

The 5th installment of the UCC Green Campus podcast is now available where we talk to UCC Director of IT Services Gerard Cully. It is available to listen to on Spotify and Apple Podcasts at the below links. 

Gerard talks his early background and his role as Director of IT services. He outlines the carbon footprint of UCC’s IT infrastructure in relation to cloud services, data storage and the energy savings achieved. He talks about the circular economy and how IT recycles its hardware infrastructure both in donating to local charities and recycling the hardware with local organisations. He moves on to talk about what is being done to make IT services more energy efficient and how the Covid pandemic has impacted remote working in UCC. He then talks about how server virtualization is being used to lessen the impact of physical servers on campus by reducing the number of servers by up to 95%.

He moves on to how sustainability factors into IT today and how strategic planning and sustainability are being incorporated into procurement practices and purchasing policy. He talks about how we use the Irish environment to cool our data centers. He finishes by talking about how we can use the data IT produces to design a better campus experience.

Spotify: Link here

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