Earth Day 2019

22 Apr 2019

On Monday April 22nd is International Earth Day 2019 with this year’s theme being “Save our Species”.  From the smallest insects to the largest mammals, alarming facts are being reported daily on the decline of the world’s species.  Ireland is not immune, with for example 37 of our bird species and 30 of our 98 species of bee at risk of extinction.  The primary causes of species declines are habitat destruction, exploitation, and climate change.  Here are some things that we can all do in our everyday lives to make a difference in our local environment.


  • Plant bee friendly flowers in your garden and in particular ensure a food source in spring, dandelions are good!
  • Follow the All Ireland Pollinator Plan actions, even if your garden is tiny you could build a bug hotel!
  • Reduce the number of times you mow your lawn to every 6-8 weeks and where possible leave “wild” areas, particularly along edges.
  • Don’t cut hedgerows during breeding season (March to September).
  • Consider leaving some “wetted” areas in your garden for wetland species e.g. dragonflies.
  • Report alien invasive species to the National Biodiversity Data Centre.
  • Follow projects like the Bride Project and spread the word on what changes can make farmland more biodiverse.
  • Take part in the National Biodiversity Data Centre’s Citizen Science projects for example the garden bird survey.
  • Talk to your local election candidates and ensure that biodiversity and care for the environment becomes a “doorstep issue”.
  • Use your power as a consumer and think before buying products containing harmful ingredients like palm oil, the production of which destroys vast swathes of rainforest.

If you can think of any other examples then please let us know and for more information on what we are doing in UCC, see our UCC Biodiversity Action Plan 2018-2023.pdf