25 Oct 2022
Self Care is Climate Care

As part of our Self Care is Climate Care program we invite you to join us at our Blissdance to enter into a deeply communal sound space where we invite our Earthbodies to explore human connections and healing dance!

For tickets click HERE

What is it?

Blissdance is about music, people, and co-creating the ideal setting so you can totally let go and dance like nobody is watching... Bliss Dance is a free-form dance - that means no learning steps, nobody is looking at you, and so you have absolute freedom to dance as you would in your bedroom – all the while supported by a tribe dancing alongside you. Lots of care is put into choosing the space and creating the perfect vibe to help you move in whatever way feels authentic to you. The music is crafted for you to first ground yourself in your body, before gently raising the tempo in a way that encourages you to stay fully present as the beat brings you into a pure flow state.


Why dance?

Even when we are stuck in our heads – anxious, self-conscious, or unsure - we can learn to use music to find our center again. The wisdom of our body and heart always leads us back to Bliss – our childlike seeking spirit to Go and explore again and again…Doing this as a regular practice can build remarkable resilience in our daily lives. Bliss dance is that safe space to tap into the creative spring of absolute potential inherent in our lives while building a community to support us on the journey.


Green Campus Team