Touch Typing

  • Handwriting has a speed of approximately 20 words per minute wpm
  • A skilled Touch Typist can have a speed of 80-100 wpm
  • A Hunt-and-Peck typist, on the other hand, may type as slowly as 10 wpm, especially if the typist needs to look at a source document
  • You could save yourself days of time per year using Touch Typing

Want more time? Touch Typing may be just what you need.

Already Touch Type? Get faster and better and save even more time.

It has been calculated that someone who uses a computer 4 hours per day would save 29 working days per year if he or she could touch-type!


If you’ve never touch-typed since you first met a keyboard, then learning to touch-type is a challenge. When you tackle Touch Typing as a seasoned hunt-and-peck typist, there will come a stage in your training when you will meet a block not unlike the marathon wall; you will need to beat this wall. When you get over this hurdle, you will enjoy watching your typing speed soar.

The benefits of touch typing are yours for the taking. Enjoy the satisfaction of touch-typing and enjoy the hours and hours of extra time you will have as one of your rewards.

Websites where you can learn to type online from the comfort of your own computer:

For absolute beginners: BBC Schools Typing

Peter's online typing course

Sense-Lang Touch Typing Tutorials

Touch Typing Study


Downloadable Tutorials

Rapid Typing Tutor

Typing Master Typing Test

Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 17 Deluxe


Links to websites where you can test your typing speed:

Typing study


Can you defeat Freddie at typing? (links to YouTube)

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